The 17 Day Diet Review


Little black dress

Is it wrong to be thinking about the LBD already?

Last week I was sorting through my ever expanding wardrobe desperate to find something to wear for lunch with my BF when I noticed a worrying trend. The size labels on all my clothes all seem to vary.... a lot. For every 2 dresses that were a UK size 12 there were 3 pairs of trousers that were a UK size 14 & then the shirt sizes were all over the shop.

Enough with this label madness!!

Its 2 months til a very swanky Christmas ball that I'm going to & there are about 20 Coast dresses that I want. 
Its time that one-size fits all... I need to go on a diet.

Now, everyone knows the best way to find out about the best diets is over a bottle of wine ...or two with the girlies but alas my No.1 girl is in the family way so I  had to look to the next best source.....


Youtube is a great source of information from cooking tips to dogs cuddling kittens to lip-syncing pop wannabe's. Now with this kind of prestige I was a fool to look anywhere else.

My fad search took a mere 10 minutes when I stumbled across the The 17 Day Diet famously seen on the Dr Phil show & a #1 New York Times bestseller. How could I resist?!

Mike Moreno‘s 17 Day Diet BookThe diet is split between 4 phases 'Accelerate, Activate, Achieve & Arrive'.

The book promises fast results approximately 10-12lbs in the first cycle.

The key to this diet plan is to eat only certain foods in the different phases & not to let your body get too comfortable with your eating patterns. As soon as it looks like your body is coping with less sugar, less carbs etc it's Day 17 & its time to move to another phase. This confuses the body & you lose weight. This diet sounds ideal... since I spend most of my time being confused this is a match made in heaven!

The diet itself seems to be straight forward enough, but I did see a lady crying in her video log on Youtube about the amount of food your restricted to. I guess it depends on what your diet is currently like on how good the results will be. 

Crying or not the results I have seen so far look great, so before you could say Paypal I had whipped out my credit card & paid extra for fast shipping!

I shall update after I've finished the first cycle…. I'm already thinking about my reward for completing the diet…Now which dress shall I order???!!

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