Baby its cold outside....


Emma Watson for Burberry

So here we are my lovelies in not so sunny Britain. British summer time is officially over and I'm yearning to fill my wardrobe with lots of lovely things.

As usual I'm yearning for designer goodies but unfortunately I can only afford the high street, but hey a gal can dream......

Emma Watson, Burberry
Emma does buttoned up so well!
This season I am coveting a classic Burberry coat - British fashion at its best currently modelled by the uber stylish Emma Watson. I know that a few years ago a certain ravaged nose actress took the Burberry brand too far. But for me its a classic brand that even a baby clad head to toe in Nova Check cannot ruin!

I love the new styles in the Burberry range. They have all the classic details like epaulettes, throat latch & buttoned pockets but they have been brought bang up to date.

Burberry Campaign 2012
Emma may not be in Harry Potter any more but a gal always needs 2 sidekicks
Luckily for me & all you gorgeous gals the high street never forgets us. No need to break out the credit card for a classic Burberry trench starting at £550 there are lots of bargains to be had on the high street!

Fern by Reiss
Coat by Reiss 'Fern' £295

Light Winter Coat
Coat by H & M £34.99

Question is..... What will we buy with the left over money??!!

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Images used under CC Act. Source:Flickr:j_10suited

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