Last year I took a trip to Barcelona one of the hippest cities in the world. Now whilst my travelling companion was less than desirable the minute I arrived on Catalan soil - I was in love.

The journey into town from the airport was a short but energetic ride. The taxi driver was obviously a avid fan of Jason Statham.... Luckily for me I had my duty companion on hand to steady my nerves... Vodka!

Places to stay in Barcelona
Photographed used under Creative Commons act. Source Wiki Commons

After settling in to the uber swanky W Hotel it was time to hit the town.....drinking & dancing down Las Ramblas.

Barcelona is well known for its great night life & it did not disappoint... I could of danced all night but my Louboutins had other idea's. I, of course not wanting to look like a lightweight put the blame firmly at the next days sight seeing.. after all I wouldn’t want to disappoint Mr Gaudi would I?!

The next morning after slipping past a celebrity or two in the lobby of the hotel we hit the sights.

Places to visit in BarcelonaIn Barcelona there is a wealth of things to see. My top picks are Park Guell, Aquarium Barcelona & the Sagrada Familia. Even though the Sagrada Familia is still under construction it is undoubtedly the most beautiful piece of architecture I have ever seen.

The afternoon was topped of with a visit to Montjuïc. Now whilst I love high heels, heights are not my favourite things so taking a cable car from Port Vell Marina to Montjuïc took some persuading. But my companion promised me we could hit the Mango outlet store & copious amounts of Tapas & Sangria.

How could a gal resist?

The cable car ride was exciting, thrilling & dangerous & I never felt more alive. The views across the city was amazing. I was glad I let my greed for discounted clothes & gorgeous food sway me!!

Before too long it was my last day in Barcelona and of course it's always a bit of a quandary on what to do on the last day.

Do you rush around picking up snow globes & souvenir t-shirts or something else? I was distinctly in the something else camp much to my companions disgust & I found the perfect end to my Catalonian misadventures… Wine Tour!

Wine Tours in Barcelona
Source: Wiki Commons
The tour took in 3 wine houses Jean Louis, Freixenet & Bodegas Torres Cellars .

The tour was great & I must admit it's the first time I have ever done anything so 'grown' up! I strongly recommend any trip where your 'forced' to sample lots of different wine whilst looking superior!!

Barcelona is indeed one of the best places I have either been to & I for one cannot wait to go back.... after all I didn’t get to the Zara outlet store last time!

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