Mad Men


Gorgeous 60‘s Style on Mad MenSince the arrival of AMC’s uber cool show Mad Men in 2008 the fashion world has taken inspiration from the Madison Avenue set with many designers launching clothes ranges with a 1960’s flavour.

Joan Holloway, Mad Men
Joan knows it all about maintenance
The looks have trickled down the High Street over the years. A Joanesque wiggle style dress is now a staple in our wardrobes & has'nt got a Peggy/Betty conservative number for when we're playing a little Bashful? 

Jon Hamm, Mad Men
Smoking was much cooler back then
Whilst it seemed for a while that Joan, Peggy & Betty were getting all the fashion attention quietly behind the scenes the fashion of the men was beginning to get noticed.

 Creative Director Don Draper played by Jon Hamm is nearly the sharpest guy in the office in his Brooks Brotheresque suit but my favourite dresser is Roger Sterling played by the gorgeous John Slattery - Zowie!!
John Slattery, Mad Men
Getting a promotion the old way

This man is a silver fox.

Roger Sterling is the real Alpha Male of the show. Always understated in his choice of clothing which is always a 3 piece suit with either a single or double breasted jacket. Roger’s suit style is different that Don’s, both men keep it formal but Roger’s suits are very very sharp - you can just tell he’s the boss. The cuts of his suit just give him that ’edge’ without him saying a single word. Don’s suit style is cut a little looser very much in the style of the late 1950‘s early 1960‘s. 

Jon Hamm & John Slattery, Mad Men
Don & Roger give someone the side eye
Whilst Don keeps his suits dark, Roger likes to keep the whole silver fox thing going on in subtle shades of gray from head to toe - always topped off with a white shirt. But maybe with all that womanizing that these Mad Men do that maybe a darker colour shirt would hide all that lipstick on the collar! 

The Mad Men men’s look has trickled down to the high street with many shops selling this look. For those of you who can afford a little more step over to Mr Porter & for those whose salary is a little more 1960's try T.W.Lewin on the high street.  

So whether you’re a womanizing Roger Sterling or a complex Don Draper there's something for everyone.

(c) Images by Frank Ockefenfels 3

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