Mission Impossible


Me and Mr Impossible have been talking about getting a new bed for what seems like forever. Normally I live to shop but the problem is me & Mr Impossible have totally different  styles. My style is full on understated boutique hotel glamour whilst Mr Impossible's style is 100% bling daddy.

Let the mission begin!

First of all I have no idea where to start looking for a new bed, so I hit the shops in town but for some reason it seems that there is not much on the high street. John Lewis, Debenhams & Ikea all have some great looking beds in-store but I'm looking for something else... something more.

Time to see what's online.

I enter 'Contemporary Modern Beds' in Google & it brings up a slew of sites. Now, I've gone from not enough shops to too much shops! Hmm, this is gonna be a tough job me thinks. Better get myself a bottle of wine to help with the 'research'. 

The internet gives me lots of inspiration but after going to about 30 sites I've grown weary. I need to narrow down my options. 

I schlep down to the newsagents & I spend all my pocket money on Elle Interiors, Living etc, Real Homes a twix & a bag of skittles.

Luckily for me I finally find inspiration in the magazines & I'm now armed with lots of new shops to look at!!

Modern Beds
Vidal Bed £7,950 available from Beautiful Modern Thing
Contemporary Modern Beds
Montgomery Bed £8750 available from Beautiful Modern Thing

Both of these beds are absolutely stunning & whilst Mr Impossible is holding the price range is a little too high for us.... so the mission continues.

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