The Brows


Over plucked? Fancy a new look? Or just want to leave the 80's behind?

How many times have you looked at some Hollywood actress & gazed longingly at her gorgeous arched eyebrows then looked back at your straggly dated eyebrows and thought 'I want those'?
Years ago you would have to wait & wait for your eyebrows to grow back to reshape them & then when they did sometimes they grew back sparse & uneven.

Well times have changed and you can now easily fill in the gaps & change the shape of your eyebrows with the aid of 'Eyebrow Stencils'.

Eyebrow stencils are exactly what they say on the tin. You can buy posh ones from Boots or any drugstore but being a bargain hunter I picked up a pack of 4 for less than £2.00 on eBay.

The stencils are really as easy as they look. Simply choose the shape that you want, use some powder or a pencil to fill in the shape & then use some concealer on a flat edged brush to clean up the edges. If your eyebrows need plucking then apply a deep dark line to 'seperate' the good from the bad! You can pluck the 'extra's' away - safe in the knowledge that you won't be ruining your new shape.

I like to use a eyebrow pencil when doing my eyebrows - I use Mac Stud but eyebrow pencils are everywhere these days even in supermarkets so you should'nt have to look hard to find one. Try not to go to dark unless your really going for the Scouse Brow - a dark or medium brown should be enough even if your dark skinned. 

If you have quite thick eyebrows already use the stencils as a guide to emphasis the places that are a little thinner or sparse.

With dark brows you will probably need to just emphasise the arch & the 'line' of the brows to make the eyes look more done.

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