17 Day Diet Review - Update!!


It’s been 17 days since I started the 17 day diet Phase 1 - Accelerate

The diet is laid out with idea’s for Breakfast, lunch & dinner & also has  a comprehensive list of foods you are allowed to eat with some recipes to inspire you.

This diet is easy!

This is some of the foods your allowed to eat in Phase 1: Fish, Chicken Breasts, lots of Veggies but NO Potatoes. This is a basic list & much more foods can be found in the book inc. vegetarian options,  probiotic foods, oils & the condiments allowed.

Mike Moreno‘s 17 Day Diet Book
The 17 Day Diet does contain some ingredients that maybe hard to find but good old Google should set you on the right path to a alternative! The 17 Day Diet book also uses the American system of ‘cups’ but use this link to help with conversions.

Once you move onto Phase 2 then the food list changes & introduces different foods into the diet.

The great thing about this book is that it’s not preachy. There is no way that if someone following this diet shouldn’t lose weight. If you ain’t losing weight on this diet then your cheating!! 

There are only a few basic do's & don'ts: not moving onto a new phase until you've achieved your desired target,  no eating fruit after 2pm (2 servings per day) & only eating till  your full... duh!!

So far I have lost a total of 7lbs in Phase 1! But I think the weight loss will vary according to your previous eating habits. I’m going to stick with Phase 1 for another 17 days to see if I can drop anymore weight before moving on to Phase 2 .

There is also a exercise DVD that can be used in conjunction with the diet but I don't need the DVD...

 I'm doing Astronaut Training!
Coming soon Phase 2 & Astronaut Training!
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