The Basics.... Foundation 101 - Part I


Choosing a foundation is not a easy task for most women. If you go to any beauty counter up & down the land the amount of different types of foundation available can outfox even the most beauty savvy women.

So where do you start?

First of all go & see the make-up girls at the beauty counter in your local department store/Mall. Yes, I know it can be daunting as the perfectly made-up dolls have to break-up their conversation about how shiny Kate Middleton's hair is - but they work there and you need their help.

Now, no matter how rushed or helpful these dolls are make sure you explain what your looking for & any problems you may have had before. These girls are very resourceful - they know there stuff. Go with a open mind & don't be afraid to spend, foundation can cost as little as £3.99 to £30.

If you have your old foundation bottle then bring it along, so they can see first hand what you're using. It maybe that the foundation that you used before is great & your just looking to upgrade to the latest formula. But then again don't think that the new formula will be better for you - just because its 'new'.

I always ask for a sample when I'm trying out a new foundation to make certain that the colour is correct when I'm not under the glowing lights of Debenhams.

To correctly test the colour of the foundation apply it to the area between your face & your jawline & blend seamlessly into your skin. Some people have to use two different colours or types of foundation to match their skin tone or to blend out any skin irregularities like skin pigmentation or rosy cheeks.

Next time ... How to apply foundation

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  1. Great tips, especially to bring along your old foundation bottle. I always get so intimidated by the people a the counter as I think they'll manage to talk me into buying a completely expensive product that didn't want and can't really afford!


  2. I know a lot of people struggle when they go to make-up counters as it can be intimidating. Its so horrible when you buy something & then get home & realise its the wrong shade:( I found the ladies at counters at MAC really helpful though & they will always give a sample when they can :)


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