The Basics... What Skin Type Are You?


Before choosing a foundation its important to go back to basics - you need to know what type of skin you have & how to maintain it. 

Skin type is genetic & cannot be changed but with the right products any skin can look & feel 100% better.

 Normal Skin Type
Here is a little test to help you work out your skin type. Further help can be sought at a skincare counter like Clarins or Clinique.

When you wake up in the morning, take a tissue & press your face into it. After 1 minute look at the tissue & examine.

Normal Skin: The tissue will look... exactly the same with no oil deposits or dry flakes of skin left behind. On a daily basis your skin has no visible traces of oil or dry skin & it is clear & healthy. Congratulations! The make-up & skin care world is your oyster.

Skin TypeOily Skin: The tissue will ....have small patches of oil deposits from your face. On a daily basis your pores appear large &  'open' &  acne break outs are your nemesis. Avoid heavy make-up, creams, greasy foods & ditch the make-up as much as you can to let your skin breath. Using a good medicated facial wash  will help with break-outs.

Dry Skin: The tissue will..... have dry skin deposits & your face may feel dry, flaky & tight. Your skin maybe prone to dry patches of skin around the nose, chin/forehead or cheek area with fine pores. A good moisturizer & using a exfoliating mask once a week will keep your skin looking smooth & fabulous!

 Problem Skin Types
Sensitive Skin: Your skin tends to feel dry & tight & is sensitive to everything.

Your skin has a lot of characteristics of all the other skin types but the sensitivity keeps you from being 'lumped' in with the other types. Your skin needs special love. Only use products made for sensitive skin & that you have tested on yourself at least a week before a big  do.

Combination Skin: Is exactly what it says on the tin. The tissue test will show mixed symptoms but in certain area's. To help combat combination skin use the right products for each area so all your skin becomes 'normal'.

This is the basic 5 types of skin types... Which type do you have?

 Next time... Which Foundation?

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