Come Fly With Me....


I've always loved a good period drama from Pride & Prejudice to Downton Abbey but they have all been replaced by my new TV crush - Pan Am.

Retro TV Show, Pan Am This 13 part series recently aired in the states is currently being shown in the UK on BBC2 on Saturday nights @ 10 pm.

The show is based around super airline Pan Am in its hey day & is pure unadulterated fluff with a little bit of history thrown in for good fun.

If you love programmes like Mad Men or your a mad fan of retro glamour you will be in heaven!  Pan Am does not disappoint with gorgeous gals, personal weight restrictions, girdles, glamorous locations & the cleanest white gloves you have ever seen!

Retro Bowling Bag, Pan Am

For me its the perfect TV cocktail as I've always adored airline staff.

I guess its those outfits, fixed grins & permanent access to  alcohol miniatures that makes me love 'em!!

Pan Am Saturdays @ 10pm from 16 November 2011

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