Coming soon... Nip + Fab Bust Serum Review!!


Hailed as a new hope for all ladies who want to increase their bust size. Nip + Fab Bust Fix is a new wonder serum that can dramatically enhance your bust without the use of the surgeon's knife.

This product is priced at a measly £16.25 and it is flying off the shelves. This product is so indeed that it has sold allegedly 1000 tubes over the last 2 weeks via UK store Boots.

Whilst this is not the first wonder bust serum out there - this serum contains a ingredient called Mangosteen which activates the fat cells in the breast. This is different from other serums & creams which tend to target the skin around the breast area.

 Enhance your Bust
Users of the product have said that the skin has felt firmer and plumper with a increase in size from up to half a cup size to a full cup size in just 12 weeks!

Luckily for you two members of the Pretty Luscious Things Army - Ms A & Ms J have managed to procure some and will be doing a product review for us.

Have you tried this serum & did it work for you?

Please get in contact & let me know.

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