The Eyes Have It... Individual Eyelashes


I recently posted a feature & a beauty tutorial on the different type of false eyelashes there are on the market. Choosing which type of false eyelash is best for you can be tricky & time consuming if you don't choose the right one for your beauty skills.

But anyone can learn how to put on false eyelashes whether their strip false eyelashes, individual eyelashes or flare individuals.

Now individual eyelashes are easy to apply but as they are not so 'obvious' as strip false eyelashes some people can find these the trickiest to handle. If your a false eyelash virgin I would advise against individual eyelashes due to the trickier nature of placement.
Individual eyelashes normally come in a pot or a tray and do exactly what they say on the tin. These are synthetic 'hairs' made to look like eyelashes that you apply in between your own eyelashes to make your own eyelashes look fuller.

Selection of Individual Eyelashes

These eyelashes are harder to find in shops but they are not uncommon.

The usual outlets like Superdrug & Boots all stock these type of eyelashes & as usual eBay is a great source for these. Individual eyelashes cost from approximately £5 to £10 if you buy a set online which includes everything you need inc different eyelash lengths, tweezers & glue.

I love using these individual eyelashes - they are great when you fancy a less obvious look than strip eyelashes & just need to give your eyes a extra zing!

Grab some eyelashes, 3 bottles of White Zinfandel, organise the girlies & watch the video & then give it a go!

Next time..... Cluster Flare Eyelashes!
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