Good 'ol Smokey....


As you all know I am a ardent admirer of the smokey eye & feel it can do no wrong.

I have received several emails from the Pretty Luscious Army asking what all the fuss is about & can I provide a tutorial.

So here it is my lovelies - a lovely make-up tutorial to help you get the smokey look.

 My only advice is to practise & practise. The smokey eye look is not difficult to emulate but a little bit of time is needed to make sure you look smokey & not trapped in a fire.

I have included two video's. One is for gorgeous gray's & silver whilst the second video uses  shimmery bronze.

Now, the gray video is a little long but the gorgeous Angelina Jolie lookey likey does the entire face not just the eyes. The colours that she uses can be emulated from brands including Barry M, Maybelline & MAC & is suitable for all skin tones.

I hope you fall in love with smokey eyes as much as I am.

Please drop me a line & let me know how you get on!

Smoky Grays

Shimmery Bronze

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