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Linda Evangelista, Brown HairI’m a great believer in mixing it up when it comes to your hairstyle, length & colour.

Linda Evangelista, Red HairI’m a proper ‘80’s chick & I still smile when I think back to the gorgeous Linda Evangelista and her many different hair colours & cuts – C’est magnifique!

Linda Evangelista, Platinum Hair

To change your look for an evening or a little longer why not try adding some hair extensions or how about a fun wig?

I’ve often thought about being a Platinum babe but think it’s just a little too Little Kim for me......... No-one can pull it off as well as Linda!

Hair extension clips & weft
Hair Weft & Extension Clips

To add hair extensions to your own hair is as easy as 1, 2, 3 using hair extension wefts with the clips already attached or buy a pack of hair & add the clips yourself if your the clever type.

Part your hair, slide the weft along the parted line as close to your scalp as possible and then ‘snap’ the clips into the closed position. Repeat until the desired look is achieved.

There are lots of different types of extensions about but the most common are:

Human Hair

Hair extension colour chart

Human hair comes in lots of different colours & is inexpensive. A pack of straight European 18” hair costs approximately £30 whilst shorter lengths are a lot less

1 pack of HH is enough to add body & length to your hair as clip-in extensions but for a full head of clips in or a weave you may need 2 packs.

Human hair can be curled, flat ironed & also dyed. Just remember that the hair would already have been processed so dye’s or perms should not be left unattended!
Synthetic hair extensions are made up of a synthetic fibre & these type of wigs or extensions would normally just be worn for ‘fun’ like fancy dress or funky clip ins for the night. Synthetic extensions also comes in lots of colours but cannot be dyed or heated appliances used with them.

Futura Fibre, Synthetic Hair ExtensionFutura Fibre is generally thought of as being different than synthetic hair as this type of synthetic extension can take a little heat.... in fact some of them can take a lot of heat!

Check the brand that you buy & the maximum temperature it can take. You may not be able to use your GHD’s on max but you might get away with using heat up to about 180c. 

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