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So what do you do if you love designer clothes but don't want to end up with a massive credit card bill or sending your boyfriend or husband into a early grave?

Let me tell share how you can get designer clothes at reduce prices without losing style or spending more money than you would on the high street.

I always nip over to British fashion store The Outnet - Net-a-Porter's naughty younger sister for reduced price designer clothes & accessories. They have incredible reductions on designer clothes - sometimes up to 50% off the manufacturers price.

Outlet Shopping, The OutnetThe online store is open to everyone but if you sign up to their newsletter you can look forward to receiving a daily email which advises you of the latest offers. Once you sign up look out for their Friday email as sometimes discounts can be up to a massive 70% off!!!

Recently they had Herve Leger dresses slashed down to around £200! Unfortunately by the time I managed to log on all the fashionista's had already beaten me to it...but next time my time!

All the brands can be found on The Outnet - Balmain, Chloe, Jill Sander, Marchesa, Christian Louboutin, Missoni - I honestly could go on & on. All the brands are here.

This is the first place I go to when looking for a dress - just on the off chance that the perfect dress will be there in my price range.

 Men’s Designer Shopping, Mr PorterHey, gents you haven't been forgotten. Unfortunately I couldn't find any nice designer outlets for you but nip over to Mr Porter to get yourself decked out in the best of Paul Smith, J.Crew, Marc Jacobs & more.

Don't worry about the cost... just think of all the money you saved on our new dresses & shoes at The Outnet!

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