The Eyes Have it....


I have tried every mascara going from Estee Lauder Turbo Lash to Asda's own brand to Maybelline's The Falsies but nothing is giving me the look that I want.

It's time to bring back the falsies.

 False Eyelashes
Left to Right: Strip Lashes, Black Eylash Glue, Duralash Starter Kit, Eyelash Glue Remove, Individual Lashes & Tweezers

I will be doing a 3 part make-up tutorial series covering the 3 types of false eyelashes available: Strip lashes, Single Individual lashes & Individual Cluster Lashes.

Strip Eyelashes

 Fake Eyelashes
Strip eyelashes are the most well known. These come in variety of different styles from the natural look to the full on Jordan/Towie look.

Single Individual Lashes

 Fake Eyelashes

Single lashes are attached to the eyelashes.

These type of eyelashes are very very tricky to apply yourself & unless your a beauty pro I would recommend going to your  beauty local salon to get these done.

Individual Cluster Eyelashes

 Cluster Eyelashes

Several eyelashes in a mini 'cluster' these can either be 'knot' free or with a knot.

These are much easier to apply than Individual Eyelashes & provide a more natural look than strip lashes.

Next time... False Eyelashes & how  to apply them.

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