Celeb Boutique.. Dress like Kim Kardashian?..err No.


Bandage DressesHerve Leger is well known for his skin tight bandage dresses which are worn by the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kelly Rowland & Beyonce.

Celeb Boutique is a online shop that sells their take on designer dresses made by Herve Leger & other well known designers for high street prices.

The site has been going for some time but has recently become more popular due to The Only Way is Essex girls being seen out & about in their creations.

I discovered the site earlier on this year & ordered Evie. When the dress arrived it had a small hole in the side. I contacted Celeb Boutique who offered to pay for the repair rather than sending it back. I had the dress repaired & I never thought any more about it.
Recently had a little 'do' that I needed a new frock for. After trawling Coast & finding nothing, I headed over to Celeb Boutique & ordered  Sophie in Taupe & Christine in off White.Both dresses arrived promptly but when I opened the boxes I was immediately disappointed.

Dress Label, Celeb Boutique
Christine in off White - Label Cut
Christine had a stain on the back that someone had tried to blot out & the finish on the front was untidy with bits of thread sticking out, the inner tag was half hanging off & the label tag was partially missing. After noticing the partial label tag on Christine I checked Sophie & noticed that her tag was cut out as well.

Dress Label, Celeb Boutique
Sophie in Taupe - Label Cut
Hmm, let me get this right. I have paid £199.98 for 1 dirty dress with a tag not sewn in properly & both dresses have the label tag partially cut out.

Now, the only time I ever remember seeing tags cut on dresses is when they have been returned to a shop. These dresses are then deemed as seconds or returns. Not happy.

Dress Label, Celeb Boutique
Christine - Label half off
I immediately took pictures of the faults and emailed Celeb Boutique advising them I was sending them back because I suspected the dresses were seconds & because of the faults.

Email, Celeb Boutique
Email confirmng postage will be paid back

The following morning I received an email apologising & confirming I could return these dresses & the postage would be returned to me.

As Noel sounded genuine & I needed a dress I ordered another dress Alicia. Fast forward 3 days later & guess what?
Yes, that's right another dress with the label half cut out. 

Alicia, Celeb Boutique
Alicia - Label Cut out
I contacted CB immediately with pics who then sent several unprofessional emails about the refunds & tried to cover up the fact that the tag was missing saying it had to do with the care instructions.

Its not - the care instructions are on the back, plus its the same type of cut on ALL 3 dresses

So why cut out the label? The Miss Marple in me thinks its to hide the product code.  There are a few shops that sell similar dresses out there, so I'm guessing its to stop people from cross referencing the code & finding the dresses cheaper. I have no idea why they wouldn't just change the entire label so it doesn't have the product code on it or realise that they are damaging their brand by sending out shonky looking products.

Some people might say 'If the dresses are gorgeous but the tags are half missing what does it matter?' Now it might not matter to some people but that's my money.... If I want to buy a stained dress with the tags cut out I'll go & buy that dress in the sale. I don't expect to pay £99.99 for a NEW dress & it not be perfect.

But hey, maybe that's just me?!

About 3wks later after numerous emails I finally received a refund for the dresses but no return postage costs despite the emails from Noel.

My views on Celeb Boutique? ......Stick to Coast!

*** UPDATE!! Since this post went live I have now found Style Me Celeb a fab shop selling great celebrity dresses. Please check out my review on them with a 10% discount code!***

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  1. I found the cutest dress EVER on celebboutique.com, but after doing my research, I'm EXTREMELY apprehensive to buy it. Are there any similar websites with good products that you would recommend?

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  2. Hi Trina

    They do have great dresses on Celeb Boutique & its a shame about my experience with them as I'm sure I would have remained a faithful & bragging customer!

    Luckily for us there are a few other sites out there that carry similar lines....

    Where are you based in the UK, the States or elsewhere?

  3. Hi Trina,

    I have to say I have a couple dresses & a lucy jacket (recently) that I adore from them. I;ve only had a good experience with them but can understand from PLT if she has had a bad experience that she wouldnt want to shop there but I must say I've shopped there a few times & so have a couple friends and all our experiences have been great so thought I'd chuck that in there!

  4. Hi Sade,

    Thanks for commenting...at last a positive one! I've had a few comments to 'vocal' to publish! I'm glad you were happy with your items that you bought from CB. When I attempted to buy from them they were definitely were having a bad run & the customer service sucked.

    Let us know if you buy any more fab dresses... & more importantly show us some pics of your glam self!


  5. Im not in the UK, but I would not mind purchasing from a UK based web site

  6. I have experienced similar problems with celeb boutique but in stead of the tags being cut the actual dress was peeling at the seems ... I am still 140 pound light after 7 months but I have found a website that are only a small business there fore they cherish every customer they have and I have bought 4 dresses from them and they have been perfect quality ... Also shipped a dress to me when I spent 6 weeks in Spain!! Oh the websites www.loshelle.com hope this helps ladies!! I would not recommend celeb boutique to my enemy x

  7. Hi Trina

    There are a few websites out there that have these dresses.

    Try Wagworld & Forever Unique.

    I personally have not bought anything from either shops but my friend has a few dresses from Forever Unique & they are perfect & stunning. They are a little on the pricey side though.

    1. houseofglampop.com has great prices and the best quality bandage dresses. you should try www.houseofglampop.com

  8. Hi Lisa

    Glad you had a better time with Loshelle. I checked out the website & didn't see much products in yet, I take their a new company?

    Ladies, if you decide to order with the above company make sure you do your research first.


  9. I've bought lots from celebboutique & judging from the amount of people they RT in their stuff (I follow them on twitter) I would say I'm not the only one. Its a shame you seem to have had a bad experience, although personally I would say cutting out the label wouldnt bother me, but I do feel that I should say that I've had nothing but a good experience with them and so have my friends.
    Good luck to others!

  10. Hi Jemma

    I would agree that Celeb Boutique do have a lot of fans on Twitter who love love love their dresses but just because they have a lot of fans it does not mean that they always get it right.

    Mistakes can happen in any company but it is how you deal with those mistakes that make all the difference.

    In my case they got it wrong & their customer service skills certainly lacked in rectifying the situation. The motto that ‘the customer is always right’ was lost on them. Just because one customer thinks it’s okay to receive dirty dresses with the label’s half cut out doesn’t mean that the next customer will. As a customer I should have been disappointed that the dresses did not work out for me but happy that I was not left out of pocket.

    Celeb Boutique have a fantastic site with gorgeous dresses but I would suggest they spend less time on Twitter RT positive comments & more time dealing with complaints.


  11. I will never use this website again.

    First dress I ordered ripped on both sides in the same place and they weren't even bothered.

    Second dress I ordered was the wrong dress, then waited 28 days for the right dress to be delivered. Throughout this time they continually lied to me about what was going on and that it had been dispacted.

    I actually can not comprehend how unprofessional and incompetent they are.


  12. Hi

    I too am going to post about the terrible experience I am still going through with CB.

    I ordered a Kayley jacket which came mid April and I decided it wasn't for me. Of course I thought no biggy as they offer a free exchange police.

    I boxed up my Kayley jacket and sent it back to them by first class recorded mail which they had received 2 days later as I tracked it and it had been signed for.

    I emailed CB a couple of days later to enquire what has happening with my exchange as I hadnt heard anything and then received several emails asking me to confirm the tracking number, my order number, what I wanted to swap it for. All of this info was included on the form I sent back with my jacket! To me it seemed that they were just padding to waste time.

    I have since sent 3 emails to this effect asking for them to please confirm that they will now send me my exchange and arrange for me to pay the difference (yes, I am offering to pay them more money as my exchange item is more expensive!!) to which I have received no reply.

    I am completely at a loss of what to do and feel that customer service of a brand this big cannot be run simply through email and no telephone to speak to people and explain your problem.

    At the moment I am feeling at a complete loss, in dispair, and extremely concerned that I am £89.99 out of pocket with NOTHING to show for it.

    From a very worried CB customer.

  13. Hi Jenni,

    Sorry to hear about your experience so far with Celeb Boutique. Hopefully they will organise a new jacket for you & improve the way the deal with orders & refunds.

    I just grateful that there are few places now selling these types of fashions - so we're not restricted to just using the dreaded CB.


  14. I agree with Lisa, Loshelle is the best.
    i have used celeb boutique a few times and my first 2 orders were fine. But my third was nothing short of a nightmare ... long story short i recieved a totally wrong parcel after spending nearly 500 pound on dress shoes and bag you would expect them to at least get it right!!
    10 weeks on i haveonly recieved my bag and can not get hold of them when they promise to reply to emails in a week! Its disgusting!!

    But after seeing lisas comment i tried Loshelle and Love them the dresses are MUCH better quality than my CB ones and the service is nothing butfirst class... they get more dresses every 2 weeks and if they dont have the dress in stock you have the chance for pre order they also do next day deliver which is GREAT!

    Hope this helps you all and know one has to go through what i went through!!



  15. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for the comment. I'm gonna have to check Loshelle out - they keep on getting nothing but love on here.

    I need to order something to see what the service is like.


  16. Hey guys,

    I tried buying something from CB and I just could not get ANY of my credit cards to go through. So strange.

    But after reading this, I'm skeptical. They have a dress that looks like a Givenchy orchid print that I have to have and can't seem to find anywhere else. I tried loshelle.com but their selection is limited.

    Do you guys have any other suggestions?!?! I'm based in the US and on a tight schedule :(

  17. I had the worst experience ever which was a shame as the dress i ordered was lovely if fitted perfect but i noticed rips after i took the labels off! i sent it back and they offered to repair it although i wanted a refund but i said OK, three months later i have no dress and im a £109 out of pocket they stopped replying to my emails after one week which was frustrating and im so upset as it took me ages to save up for the dress to wear on my 18th birthday i wouldn't recommend this company at all what there doing is wrong!

  18. Hi Maria,

    So sorry that your card didn't go through but you may have had a lucky break. I would suggest ANYONE attempting to buy from CB pays through Paypal - I think that's the only reason I got my money back.

    I will ask around via my fashion friends to see if they know of any shops in the states who carry similar dresses.


  19. Hi Anonymous

    Try tweeting them about your dress... a bit of shame might motivate them to refund you!

  20. I just bought a dress from Celeb Boutique even though I had read this review, I thought it probably wouldn't happen to me but unfortunately my £120 dress has arrived dirty and clearly previously been worn!! So disappointed, how can they try and sell people faulty items especially considering how much they are charging for it. They should pay more attention to the quality of their clothes rather than their facebook and twitter accounts.

  21. Hi Hannah

    Sorry to hear about your order... it was probably one of ours that we returned :(

    Ladies please use your social media influence to try & encourage CB to improve their customer service. Please tweet & post pictures to their facebook/twitter accounts.

    Yes, they may take it down as soon as they realise but 'SOMEONE' may see it & not spend their money there.

    We need to stop these shoddy dresses from reaching consumers not matter how great they look on the site.

    C'mon CB, you have a great business model in theory but your returns & customer service sucks big time!

  22. I am having the worst time with CB as well I ordered a dress on 6-9-12 which appeared to be in stock at the time I placed my order. The next day I recieved an email stating that my dress was out of stock. I then decided to exchange it for another dress which appeared to be in stock and later I recieved an email again stating that the dress I wanted was out of stock as well. I then emailed the INFAMOUS NOEL letting her know that I was interested in another dress that seemed to be available, and if that wasn't available I would just like my $173.00 back. I have yet to recieve an email back or a dress and my class reunion is in a week. I'm so stressed out and my reunion is in a week. This was my first time ordering from them and will surely be my last.

  23. Hi Sharonda

    Sorry for the late reply, I've been uber busy with the day job. Did you manage to get a dress in time?

    I'm really beginning to dislike the dreaded CB so much they have no idea how they're ruining people's nights out & important events in their life. :(

  24. Thanks everyone for sharing your views - was just about to buy a dress from them for the first time, but decided not to after seeing so many negatives!

    If they keep on carrying on like this, they won't be in business for much longer!

  25. Hi, I would like to know why would anyone wear this dress after a recent social media fail by celebboutique on twitter?!?!?!

  26. Well, Nolan I had to Google this because I don't follow celebboutique on twitter so I had no idea what had happened.

    They are a bunch of morons running a dress site & we are definitely no fans of them on this site but even I can't believe that they would be so dumb to make that awful remark.

    What happened today was beyond awful & to link their dresses to such a tragic event to make money is disgusting.

  27. I received a dress from celeb boutique this morning only to find the there is a huge hole in the back of the dress and white marks on the front! I contacted them within minutes of signing for the parcel, and they informed my they would refund the dress and only the postage if they think it's a manufacturing fault. I was outraged as the dress came with a fault but yet they are not taking responsibility. The dress has all the tags on and I emailed them several photos of the large hole at the back. I have sent two further emails but after their initial acknowledgment they are no longer responding to my emails. I paid £109.99 for the dress and £9.50 to return it! After my bad experience I would be hesitant to order from them again. Their dresses do not appear to be as high in quality as their prices reflect them to be.

  28. I'm so sorry about the troubles you've had with Celeb Boutique. This store is a hot mess & people really need to avoid this shop.

    Please don't risk your money, 'hoping' that you order will be fine.

  29. Again, I am loving CB dresses although from so many negative comments I am reluctant parting with my cash!
    Just a question: are most of these posts from UK based consumers?]
    I watched a video clip on you tube and the dresses look in great condition?? What is going on?!

  30. I'm in the UK & it does sound like the majority of comments are from the UK but I know Shoranda was in the US. The dresses are shipped from China regardless of what they say & I guess some people could say the fault lies at the factory but my opinion is they should be shipped to the UK office and then sent out.

    Order from this company if you like playing Russian Roulette.


  31. Does anyone know where in China these dresses are made or the address from where they are being shipped from?

    thanks Cindy

  32. You should check out www.klnshoesandfashion.co.uk they have the same dresses but cheaper, also they do amazing shoes which are different and prices are great unlike celeb boutique where shoes cost a fortune x

  33. Hi Anonymous

    Thanks for your comments. I'm gonna check it out.

    Thanks to all the comments regarding this post I love hearing about your experience with Celeb Boutique & other shops that sell fantastic dresses.

    But from now on any comments with links to other shops with similar dresses will not be published if the writer is anonymous.

    If your proud of your shop or where you've shopped then sign in!

  34. I had the exact same experience back in February! My birthday dress arrived with a stain on it so I sent it back for an exchange. 2 weeks later still no new dress! I emailed to see what had happened and was told my new dress was out of stock! I did get all my money back but I was so let down by their service! An emergency trip to town saved the day and I ended up with 2 lipsy dresses which I have to say were far better quality! Save your pennies girls xxx

  35. Hi @misssarahgood Celeb Boutique are still getting away with this 'ish? Every time I see their advert on television I think about all the unhappy customers.

    I hope they've now got their 'ish together but I know they haven't.

    Sorry to hear about your experience but glad you managed to get 2 dresses from Lipsy instead :)

  36. I really dont understand how people have had troubles with this site, I've read people having many troubles with refunds etc...

    i personally am very very thrilled with tho site, i bought a very sexy dress off it for my birthday and it arrived in about 3-4 days (and i live in sweden!!!). it was perfect, it fits perfectly, makes a beautiful figure (stretches and fits to your body type), is great quality, no cheap material and looks absolutely stunning (exactly like the real herve lever).

    i appreciate all of the people posting about bad experiences but i will def buy off this site again and you can believe me this is no fake post from celbboutique, believe me, i had my doubts about it after ri read all the reviews (especially cause i dont live in the us) but i seriously am so satisfied!

  37. Hi

    It sounds like you were one of the lucky ones. Whilst I bought my dresses a while ago when they had lots of problems these errors are still happening. They do seem to have slowed down but I know for most girls who have posted here Celeb Boutique will never see my credit card details again.

    But I'm glad that it work out for you.

  38. Hi :)
    Does anyone know how the CB dresses fit?
    Is the X-Small around a 6-8 or is the Small better for a 6-8.
    On the Website it says the XS is a UK 4-6 and the Small is 6-10, just not too sure if they are actually true to size?
    Dee x

  39. Hi,

    They are true to size,plus they 'suck' everything in!

    The dresses are very form fitting so buy the size that you are.


  40. Their clothes are definitely stylish and quality but I don't them. I bought a dress and returned it since November 24th, 2012 and today is January 1st, 2013 I am still in a middle of a dispute with them. They claim to have never received the item. Though I provided them with the custom confirmation number they told me there was nothing they can do to take it with my local post office. They have a toll free number listed for a site in Los Angeles, only to find out the number does not exist. After several email, they eventually replied acknowledging the number does not exist.

  41. Hi,
    I've ordered from CB the dress arrived within a few days, after trying it on there was a hole on the side I phoned CB with the number on the website but could not get through as the number does not exsist so I emailed them and they said to return it and they will send me a new one. After sending it I have now been waiting 10 days for my dress, I've emailed them and they have said they have not received it even when I sent them the tracking number which confirms it has been signed for, after tell my friends about them she has said she has had problems from them before and have stopped ordering from them as she has found a website called http://www.stylemeceleb.co.uk/ that sells the same dresses but cheaper and they are based in the UK with a UK telephone number that works

  42. Hi Fiona & Princess G, Sorry to hear you've had trouble getting your dresses. Hopefully they will honor the postage & refund the dresses.

    Always hearing things about Stylemeceleb...anymore comments about them & I'll have to charge them for advertising!

  43. hello how are i came arcoss your site because was looking to order some dresses from celebboutique their dresses are beautiful but before i ordered i wanted to read their reviews first, them thats how i found you ive read many of the comments on here and i must say i am very confused because i read their twitter page and many of the customers seen to be pleased with the service and quality so know i dont know what to do, but i did check out the site mentioned on here stylemeceleb and the are much cheaper they just dont have the colors and styles celebboutique has. but i wanted to know do you know of the quality and service from stylemeceleb....and the other one mentioned on here loshelle.com thank for any further information you have

  44. Hi,

    Unfortunately I don't have any personal experience with either of those two shops.

    I will try & order something in the sale this year to see if they are any good as I'm on a shopping hiatus at the moment.

    It does seem that CB's customer service is up and down but regardless of their nice dresses I won't order again from them.

  45. Hi Everyone

    I have received a dress from Style Me Celeb & I agree with the reviews that they are excellent! Please check out my review on them & I even have a 10% discount code!!


  46. hya all just wondering if anyone else has orered off loshelle as ordered today online hope its not a scam as website doesnt have any contact details and payment was via paypal into an account which seems odd. Thank you and does CB take long to email back?? thank u xx

  47. Hi Emilyjames123

    I have no idea about Loshelle but I do recommend Style Me Celeb.


  48. I wish I read all of these comments before I purchased anything from this site! Ugghhhh. I purchased a $120 dress (on sale) and the purchase was final due to it being on sale. However, I received it with a grease-looking stain right smack down the front of the dress! Are these people blind? How could you even send a dress out to a customer looking like this? I received return instructions from them but now almost 2 1/2 months later, I still haven't received my refund! What is the deal with this company?? Steer clear of CelebBoutique!

  49. I recently bought a celeb boutique dress and am extremely disappointed, it is a knock off celeb shop and their dresses are not good quality at all. I phoned them several times to complain but there was no answer - I have wasted a lot of money and do not recommend that you shop there!!!

    They are overpriced and over-rated. My advice - shop elsewhere!

  50. They cut the label out, because the info of the factory is on it. Its to protect themselfs.
    So to reduce the competition.
    Its ok. I orderd 30 dresses there.
    So far just had to send 1 back..
    All factory's in China/Thailand ect, will have defaults in their clothes.
    First 4/5 shippings are amazing and then they will cut back on fabric ect, to make more profit.
    These guys are snakes.

  51. Stephanie McDonald24 October 2013 at 09:21


    I am also having a terrible time with celeb boutique I ordered the kayley Jacket and after one wear a stud fell off the shoulder and all the others are falling off!!!!!! After contacting them I will need to pay postage costs as basically they are saying it's my fault it's faulty! I am absolutely outraged by this!!!!! Can you suggest what I can do just keep getting slow emails from Bella who is basically not interested!!!!!! They need to take a look at Asos they are amazing in terms of customer service!!!!!! I will never buy from celeb boutique again!!!!!!!

  52. Hi Stephanie,

    So sorry to hear about another Celeb Boutique customer. I would recommend a) never using them again and b) letting them know how you feel via social media if you have already privately tried to resolve things. Don't go fatal attraction on them but they might respond quicker if you tweet/facebook them.

  53. Hi hun

    I got a replacement jacket, I had to pay the postage costs in the end, just received the jacket today worse than the first one most of the studs are hanging off! God knows how I'm going to resolve this with them!



  54. I ordered a dress from Celeb Boutique cuz it was on sale for £60. The fit was amazing and the dress is stunning. So worth it! A bad experience shouldn't put you off buying anything from the website again as things like these are likely to happen when you purchase from any company.

  55. Hi Steph,

    Sorry it didn't exactly work out for you but at least you know not to buy from them again - I hate those lessons!

  56. Hi Anonymous

    If you read my post you would see I actually ordered twice from them then so I didn't immediately think anything was off and I did give them another chance.

    The problem with Celeb Boutique seems to be when the problems do occur they don't 'man up' and deal with their customers properly. If they did - this thread would not exist.

  57. Lorraine Hilburn4 December 2013 at 16:52

    This company should be avoided at all costs.
    Customer service dreadful-clothes of poor quality and well overpriced!
    It has just cost my daughter nearly £30-00 in postage for items that where not fit for purpose.
    Avoid this Company at all cost- BE WARNED!!

    1. Sorry to hear about your experience. This company just seems to be able to get away with it. Annoying.

  58. Exposing Celeb Boutique a.k.a 'Original Beauty Technology Company Limited' of Hong Kong.

    Anyone who buys from this company has been fooled into paying £50+ for a label and a box and are bragging about paying £100+ for a £30 dress!

    CB are registered in Hong Kong, China. Not the UK. Their postal address is, as stated on their website:
    Unit 01, 10/F, Carnival Commercial Building
    18 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong.

    All it takes is a little google search of their address to see that this is just a Chinese manufacturer and lots of companies are registered with this address.

    Every single dress is made in China and ships from China, not the UK.

    The dresses can be found for £30 from Chinese manufacturers on AliBaba, DHGate, SammyDress, etc.

    CB started off with dropshipping directly from China (being the middle man where people place orders on a UK site and then the orders are just sent directly from the factory in China). The label on the dresses back then said ‘CelebCityNY’ which was not CB. They would cut out part of the care label to stop people finding the manufacturer by the product code. This was set up by a 17 year old girl from her bedroom, Conna Walker! Smart cookie knew how to fool people. The website was amateur looking back then.

    As they got popular, they found manufacturers who would put their brand label on the dresses. They then put them in a fancy box with some ribbon, all of which can be bought for £2-3 wholesale, spent lots of money on marketing to get lots of followers on social media, gave celebrities free dresses and voila!

    Now people are obsessed with posting pictures of themselves wearing this overpriced tat because of the brand name and apparent ‘Luxury’ because of the price.

    CB have been investing a lot of time and money to stop this being exposed. Plenty of sellers on ebay have been forced off the site and small boutiques selling these dresses are being threatened.

    I gotta hand it to CONna, for being a CON artist and getting rich from it but people need to know the truth.

    1. I can't hate anyone getting their hustle on but when things go wrong she should put it right. I will never recommend this brand. No doubt our problems are not being dealt with because the customer service team is in detention!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. MsPretty LThings,

    I have just sent you an email on google account,I run a small business and it will be nice to have a private chat.I dropped my email add as well for you to contact me.

  60. I also had an iffy experience. I ordered a dress and at the seams there was loose uneven threads, I cut them and luckily they were double sewn so they are not coming apart. I also received mine with a slight stain on the front, which is strange because it couldn't have been worn out since they put a large pink ribbon all around it and needs to be cut before wear. So maybe someone trying it on spilled something? Anyways, prices are good for unique pieces and may shop again if something really catches my eye.

  61. I sell thick material high quality bandage dresses. i guarantee the quality or your money back immediately. After countless buys on boutiques I have been completely dissatisfied with the poor quality and extortionate prices. I love what I do and I sell at minimal profit. If you want a dress, contact me on tiffyboohoo@gmail.com

    You can even come to the shop and feel the material for yourself if you want!! :-)

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  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  65. I recently purchased a dress from cb, it was a gorgeous dress but a little too tight so ofcourse i sent it back. A week or so later i received an email saying they would not except the dress as it had been tampered with. I assured cb i only tried on this dress, and sent it back in all the correct packaging with labels etc still attached and would like a refund as it cost £150. I then received another email saying the dress has been worn, washed, has black marks all down it and the material had been pulled an damaged.. I was very disgusted at this and they pulled out every lie in order to not give me a refund. Celebboutique gives very bad service as soon as you attempt to return items or ask for a refund. I feel like i have been ripped off and currently taking this matter further.

  66. I will never order from Celebboutique again. I placed an order for an outfit I didnt like once it was sent to me. So I sent it back and request a refund and ordered something else. Not only did they take my money for my first order 2 days before my birthday celebrations they took another payment of 168.00 off my credit card and said it was for my first order that I sent back. Im confused as to why they would charge my card for an outfit I returned. They have no contact number and they only respond via email which takes a total of 24 hours. I will never EVER purchase from them again nor will I advise a soul to order ANYTHING from the. TERRIBLE customer service.


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