The Eyes Have It...Individual Flare Eyelashes


This is the final part of my series on false eyelashes. Choosing which type of false eyelash is best for you can be tricky & time consuming if you don't choose the right one for your beauty skills.

If you missed the previous features on the different types of fales eyelashes available, strip eyelashes & individual flare eyelashes click on on the links and bone up before deciding.

Rembember anyone can learn how to put on false eyelashes whether their strip false eyelashes, individual eyelashes or individual flare eyelashes!

Now, individual flare eyelashes are my personal favourite!! These can be descibed as a combination of strip eyelashes & individual eyelashes - basically you've got the best of both worlds!

Individual flare eyelashes are a series of eyelashes all 'clumped' together in a small bunch. These are also applied to the eyelashes just like individual lashes & can make the eyes zing a little more with just a few flares added to each eye.

Cluster Eyelash Kit, DuralashThe best buys for flare individuals are the trays that have a mix of medium, short & long flares in them.
The use of the different lengths is a great way of making the application look more natural. Some of the kits come with glue & in my experience I found that the clear glue looked a little 'off', so I tried again with black glue. Applying the lashes with black glue looked much better & I got away without wearing mascara during the daytime

For those of you that don't want to use the glue as its semi-permenant (up to 2 weeks wear) try regular eyelash glue which will last for the evening only.  But remember ladies, only use a proper eyelash remover when taking these eyelashes off & only use a 'brand' eyelash glue when applying. We all love to save a few bucks but glue for other uses or a eyelash glue with a strong odour is not cool.

Cluster Eyelash Kit, ArdellNow there are two types of flare lashes that you can buy - regular & natural. The regular ones come with a knot at the base of the eyelashes & the natural ones come knot free. I personally prefer the knot free ones as I think these look more natural. Flare lashes are priced around £5-£10.
To enhance the look I also applied a few individual lashes to fill in some smaller areas which were too small for the flares.

You know the routine by now... grab the supplies, 3 bottles of White Zinfandel, invite the girlies over & watch the make-up tutuorial's over & over again then give it a try!

I hope you've enjoyed the series on false eyelashes. Please contact me via email if you have any topic suggestions or just need further help!

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