Keeping Up With The Kardashians....Part I


Kardashian Sisters
Khloe, Kim & Kourtney Kardashian 
Wanna keep up with the Kardashians?

Love Kimmy &  Kourtney's hair?

Who wouldn't? Its dark, soft & luxurious looking. Its simply fabulous.
Celebrities with hair extensions
Kourtney getting her weave on!

But even the Kardashians need a little help & Kourtney has been spotted in hair salon's having hair extension tracks added to her hair to give her more va-va voom.

For those of you who don't know what hair extension tracks are here's a brief explanation.

The clients own hair is corn rowed (plaited) flat against their head sometimes with synthetic hair to stop the hair from slipping out the plait. This also makes the plait 'stronger'. Once the hair is plaited a human hair weft is sewed onto the plait using a curved needle & strong thread.

The amount of tracks that someone has can vary depending on the look that their going for. In the above picture Kourtney is having the middle section of her hair done, leaving out a wide section in the nape & front of the hair. This means that she will be able to put her hair up & the tracks should be undetectable.

This is a great way to add some extra body to your hair. A local salon should be able to do the tracks for you for approximately £25+ as long as you bring along your own human hair.

If you're a one man band or fancy opting for a easier option try adding some weft tracks to your hair with clip-in hair extensions.

See my previous post on hair extensions for how to's & stockist's.

The hair extensions can then be cut or trimmed around your own hair or with your hair to the correct style. The Kardashians hair is lightly layered with the front 'bangs' of the hair being around the cheekbones or the end of chin (depending on how long you like it), the 2nd layer is then around the shoulders and then the back is left long. 

For ladies who sport a weave then opt for hair extensions in 3 different lengths. Depending on how long you like to wear your extensions your looking for a 2" difference for each pack of hair to get the softly layered look. Most common is 14" for the top, 16" for the middle & 18" for the back. You should hardly have to do any trimming to emulate this look but if so there are dozens of Youtube video's out there to help you.

For those of you who do not wear extensions or wish to - just dry your with a towel and rough dry with a hair dryer to maintain the body. Drying your hair completely straight is not a option with this style. The sleekness will naturally come when you straighten & curl your hair with either the flat iron of curling tongs.

38mm Ceramic Tongs, Babyliss
Babyliss Ceramic Pro Tongs

Below is two video's showing how to achieve big bouncy curls. One uses straighteners & the other one uses curling tongs. Any curling tongs will be able to do as long as they have a wide barrel. 

I currently use Babyliss Ceramic Dial a Heat 38mm which I will do a 'proper' review on as soon as I get the time. These tongs are great for creating big, voluminous curls but you do need to use a protectant & a spray with hold to stop the curls from dropping out.

The woman featured in the video's is wearing hair extensions but the basic principles are the same regardless of hair extensions or ethnicity. If you have fine hair then I would suggest you try the Flexi Rods tutorial which involves 'wet setting' the hair to lock the curl in.

As usual I would advise a lot of practise before the big night & a light dusting of hairspray to finish the look off.

If the idea of using curling tongs & straightener's are not for you. Then fear not. Part II will show you how to achieve this same look with flexi rods. If you have any questions then drop me a email or catch me on Twitter.

Coming soon.... Keeping up with Kardashians Part II Flexi Rods...

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