Keeping Up With The Kardashians....Part II


Kardashian SistersStill loving the Kardashians?

No doubt these gals have the most gorgeous hair on the block.

You don't have to be a multi millionairess to emulate their Farah Fawcett big curls.

Step on inside & let me show you how!

Gorgeous Hair
This is for all my lovelies who could not master the art of Kimmy K style curls & waves with the curling iron or straightener's.

If you missed my previous post & hair tutorial then please check it out as there's some great tips on how to give your hair extra body with extension tracks & how to prep your hair beforehand.

In the video below the girl sets her hair with 'wrapping lotion'. If your unable to get a hold of any try using setting lotion instead, but try to not over wet the hair unless your curling your hair overnight or your hair dries quickly.

Flexi Rods for giant bouncy curlsFlexi Rods or rollers are easy to find either online or at a local beauty supply shop. You are looking for the largest size possible to get big beautiful curls - I believe that Gray or Purple are the largest sizes approx 18/20mm. But I would suggest checking the measurements just in case the manufacturer is mixing it up.

The woman featured in the hair tutorial video is wearing hair extensions but the basic principles are the same regardless of hair extensions or ethnicity.

As usual I would advise a lot of practise before the big night & a light dusting of hairspray to finish the look off.

If you have any questions then drop me a email or catch me on Twitter.

Missed Part I?.... Check out my previous post.

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