Prepping Your Skin.....


Before applying foundation it’s important to prep your skin beforehand.

Now there is nothing wrong with just making sure your skin is clean with good old fashioned soap & water & then applying a moisturiser. 

But if you really want to make your foundation stay on your face & not in your cocktail then maybe its time to think about using a skin primer.

Skin primers work by providing a invisible mask inbetween your skin & foundation. This stops the skin from absorbing the pigment & talc from your foundation whilst stopping the oil from your skin seeping into your foundation.

Primers can be clear or tinted like MAC's Prep + Prime Skin Enhancer which is specially formulated to take out any imperfections in your skin tone.

MAC, Prep & Prime
There are tons of primers out there so have a root round but my top picks are Benefit & MAC.

Once you've applied your primer you should think about applying concealer before your foundation. If you don't use a concealer or maybe don't know how to here's a quick refresher.

When selecting a concealer determine where you need to apply it. If you need to cover up dark circles under your eyes than choose a heavier yellow toned concealer. For darker skins choose a concealer with more orange tones. The colour of the concealer should be slightly lighter than your foundation but once your foundation is applied there should be no obvious definition. Save the raccoon look for raccoon's.

To test the coverage, apply concealer to the blue veins in your wrist. If the concealer covers the veins then this is the bad boy for you, if not keep testing. If you only require lighter coverage than choose a light liquid concealer.

Concealer is normally applied to the under eye, chin & nose area. Remember, you may need two different shades of concealer throughout the year. One for the winter & one for the summer - just like a foundation as your skin tone can change over the year.

 Next time how to apply foundation........

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