Top 10 Gifts for the Fella in your life ....


It's always difficult knowing what to buy the man in your life. I mean we always know what we want to get them which is normally something to make them smell gorgeous & clothing that won't get them arrested.

But alas, they want what they want.... so here it is. The Top Ten of what men really want for Christmas...

If your man is down with the kids he can hang out with the only man who has eyebrows to make Spock jealous - Drake.

Take Care, Drake
If your man doesn't watch either of these programmes he's not cool enough. Fact.

Entourage, Season 7
Entourage Season 7

No-one knows how to have a Entourage better than Vince.

Catch up with Vince, E, Drama, Turtle & the irrepressible Ari Gold as they party, sleep around & try to make a movie or too whilst trying to 'keep it real'.

This season is a must have & If you don't buy it for him, heck get it for yourself & then get your own Entourage!

Entourage Handbook

Here's a little book just in case you need a hand!

How to Make it in America Season 1

How to Make it in America, Season 1
This is the second coolest programme to be ever made. Ever wondered what it would be like to start your own clothing line?

Catch Ben & Cam trying to do their best to make it in America whilst be thwarted at every turn by Cam's ex con cousin Rene & a Rasta Monsta truck.

This programme is so cool it featured the song 'I need a Dollar' by Aloe Blacc as the title track when the $ was still worth something. 

How to Make it in America T-Shirt

Uber cool T-shirt to match the show but if I had to explain that to you, you wouldn't be cool enough to be reading this list. Right?!

Call of Duty Modern Warfare .....

Meh! don't know why they love little computer games but they do... if he's gonna play with something whilst your out the room it might it as well be this. 

No.1 on any true gamers list.

Call of Duty 3, Playstation Games

Kevin Mitnick, Ghost in the Wires
Boyfriend or brother a bit of a geek? Don't worry the geeks shall inherit the earth. Until then he should read Kevin Mitnick book Ghost in the Wires. A Catch Me If You Can take on a real life computer hacker... now if they can only get Leonardo Di Caprio on board we might be interested!

Vintage Football Shirt

Vintage Football Shirt, Toffs
Its a vintage shirt and its all about football. Yeah, we don't get it but he will love any of the shirts featured on this site.

You'll also get major brownie points if you pick the right season & the right game it.... You'll be half way to a pair of Kurt Geiger's without even trying!

Star Wars Dressing Gown

This is soo wrong but I know he'll love it... just hide anything that can be used as a light Sabre!

Well, it is Christmas!

Agent Provocateur, Stockings
Agent Provocateur £25

More, I hear you say? Let me help you spend that cash baby!

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