David Beckham for H & M


What can I say really??!

It's David Beckham's first range for Swedish fashion giants H & M.

David Beckham for H & M, Black Trunks
David Beckham Black Trunks for H & M

Not only is he a total hottie, he also knows how to wear a great pair of pants. Mrs Beckham - Pretty Luscious Things salutes you!

David Beckham for H & M, Gray Trunks
David Beckham Gray Trunks for H & M
The range launches on February 2 2012 just in time for Valentine's Day worldwide. Now, ladies if your buying this for your very own hottie just don't show him these pics beforehand.... jealousy is sooo last season.

David Beckham for H & M, Black Trunks & Black Vest
David Beckham Black Trunks & Black Vest for H & M

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