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Lauren Goodger
Lauren Goodger
You would have to be living on Mars to have missed out on the buzz about the new tanning range from original cast member of The Only Way is Essex - Lauren Goodger.

Just before Christmas Pretty Luscious Things was delighted to receive a goodie box from Laurens Way containing a bottle of their uber popular Glam Tan with Application Mitt.

Women are literally going crazy for this range, NEVER have I seen so many positive tweets or comments about one range. Not only does she have that face & those killer curves but could she be a beauty product guru as well?

Let's find out.

This gorgeous chick to the right is Pretty Luscious Things very own Lauren... Yes that's right! We have our very own Lauren.... and guess what folks? 

Like Ms Goodger she also loves fake tan!

Laurens Way, Glam Tan
Laurens Way Tan & Mitt £18.95

Now Lauren has been dying to try out Laurens Way tan so when I advised her that we had received a bottle of Glam Tan with the application mitt she was delighted!

Lauren, before application of Laurens Way Glam Tan
Before -  a rather 'white' Lauren

In fact she was sooo delighted that she went 2 weeks without fake tanning, so she could drop a little colour to be the perfect tester.

Now 2 weeks without fake tan may not seem unusual for the 'occasional' fake tan user but for a true Essex Girl - 2 weeks is a living hell!

So for the review I devised a series of oh-so-clever questions for Lauren to answer whilst testing the Glam Tan. Being a true professional Lauren answered the review questions perfectly..... but personally I preferred her email reaction to the Glam Tan!

So Lauren take it away....

Application of Laurens Way Glam Tan
Application using the supplied Mitt
"Done the tan and OMG best tan ever, I love it! The bottle is cute but simple so & I just thought it be like a normal tan that I've used before but it wasn't. It goes on so nicely without any effort and looks fab. I did all over my body within 10mins - not having to go over any of my 'bits'. Lovely colour, looks natural with no 'fake tan' smell & the bottles still practically full. The mitt as well is AMAZING!!!!"

"Here's the results!!"
Lauren, after application of Laurens Way Glam Tan
After - Golden Brown!

"Will definitely be buying this tan from now on and recommending it to everyone I know.  I love Lauren, she's saved my life hehe!!"

So, there you have it tanning goddesses it seems that Lauren Goodger really can do it all & The Only Way to go is  Laurens Way !

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  1. OMG lauren did look amazing at wrk yesterday, in fact it has even made me want to go out and buy some lol....

  2. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for dropping by & glad you liked the article.

    The Glam Tan did look fab & I can't wait to see & try more of Laurens Way products.


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