Leap Year


Feb 29 2012, Leap Year

In 3 days it will be the 29th February..... a date that only comes round once every 4 years... Yes, the dreaded leap year.

Whilst the leap year is fantastic if you were born on this day... after all you only have a birthday once every 4 years which technically makes you 'younger'!  This date for other ladies in a long term relationship means our manz might expect us to propose!

Leap Year Film, Amy Adams
Feisty Reds - not afraid of
 taking the leap!
Yes, that's right ladies - WE are expected to go down on bended knee on a leap year.

Now, I'm old skool & I can't imagine proposing to guy .....after all does this mean I don't get something sparkly in a Cartier box & who gets to wear the dress on the day now the roles have been reversed?

But if your gonna propose to the manz in your life how do you do it?

To be honest... I have absolutely no idea! So I asked a couple of women what would they do if they had to propose?....

Liz "My boyfriend is mad for Manchester United football team. I guess I would try & get one of the team to propose for me.... I think this is the only way he would accept!"

Fortune Cookie Proposal, Leap Year Idea‘s
I'll take the ring minus the proposal!
Sara "I can't imagine proposing, I think a man should do the deed but if I took the leap year challenge I would cook his favourite meal & just ask away.... I guess if he said 'no' I could pretend I was joking!"

Jackie* "He proposed a few years ago & I said 'no' as I felt it was too soon, so this year I'm gonna propose to him. I'm going all out for the proposal - he thinks we're going to a function on the 29th but I've booked out our favourite restaurant & his friends & family know! After I've popped the question they will all come out the back & it will turn into our engagement party. I am 100% certain he will say 'yes' that's why I've done it this way. Wish me luck!"

American Football, Leap Year Wedding Proposal Idea‘s
Is that message for me??!
Kate "I would love to propose like they do at a hockey or basketball game ... you know when they put the request one the scoreboard but I would have to be certain that he would say 'yes'!'

Louise "I'd keep it simple, we have a message board at home which we leave notes on - normally things like phone messages or shopping lists. I would simply leave a note saying 'Will you marry me? PS we need milk!!"

I loved the idea's from the ladies, so thank you all the replies sent in. I guess what I got from most of the replies was that us gals still think its traditional for the guy to ask regardless of whether its a leap year or not.... so guys don't hold yer breath!

*Jackie's name has been changed just in case she accidentally leaves the computer on & her boyfriend sees this article!

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