Miss Piggy for MAC


Miss Piggy, MAC Make-Up

MAC is known for having the most iconic women & men of our time promote their make-up range. So it was no surprise that they eventually managed to persuade the biggest icon of all time to star in their latest campaign - Miss Piggy.

Miss Piggy Range , MAC Make-Up

To celebrate the soon to be release The Muppets 2012 a limited edition online range for the eyes have been created.

Miss Pigg Pink Eyeshadow, Miss Piggy Range for MAC
Miss Piggy Pink £12

Now those lucky Americans have already had a chance to get their trotters sorry hands on the range but luckily for us in the UK are time has come!

Penultimate in Rapid Black, Miss Piggy Range for MAC
Penultimate £15

The exclusive range features Miss Piggy Pink eyeshadow, Penultimate Eyeliner in Rapid Black & 36 Lash.

36 Lash, Miss Piggy Range for MAC
36 Lash £10

Now remember the range is exclusive to online only & if you use this code: PIGGY at the checkout you should get free shipping!

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