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You would have to be living under a rock recently if you've not noticed that Facebook has had another change & this time its Facebook Timeline - a chronological timeline of what you've been up to since you joined the social network.

Facebook Cards by MooNot one to miss out on such a amazing new product update -  Moo a uber stylish printing company have worked in conjunction with Facebook to launch Facebook Cards.

So, what exactly are Facebook cards?

They are exactly what they say on the tin! These are little snazzy cards that pull some data off your personal Facebook page alongside your album cover & profile picture as the image for you cards. You can add all your own info like web address, email address, phone number etc but you cannot change the Facebook url.  You can then hand them out to your mates, mum & dad or that cute chica you fancy.

Unfortunately Timeline is only available for personal pages, so I had to tweak the card for Pretty Luscious Things. But for me this wasn't a problem - with a few simple amendments to my own personal profile I made it work.

This is how you make 'em....

The end results are something like this....

Pretty Luscious Things Facebook Cards by Moo,

Audrey H Facebook Cards by Moo,

Cool eh? And guess what? For a limited time only they are FREE!

That's right folks for a short time you can order 50 FREE Facebook Timeline cards from Moo & pay postage + VAT only!!

The cards arrived in just under a week from ordering in a cute little box. The cards came out perfect & are very well printed, thick & uber stylish. I used a mix of pictures when I was designing my cards because I couldn't decide which ones I preferred!

Luckily for me that Moo uses a special technology called Printfinity which means you can use a different image on each card!

Gold Shoes,Pretty Luscious Things Facebook Cards by Moo,

Audrey H, Pretty Luscious Things Facebook Cards by Moo,

It just divies the different designs between the 50. So, I used two different images & got 25 of each.

This is a great selling feature which I think is amazing! As Moo do other products like postcards & greeting  cards these can be personalised for thank you cards, christening  or wedding invitations.  More on this wedding stuff later on in the Spring!

Wedding Cards by Moo,

Mini Cards by Moo,
This would also work great for a dress/cake maker or photographer as you could show off some of your work on your business cards. 

I am dead impressed with Moo & I can't wait to order some other products from them.  Finally a online business card site that is reasonably priced & non tacky.

So, spread the word & organise your Facebook Timeline cards today.

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