St Valentine's Day from a Male POV by Steve Gray


Steve Gray, Pretty Luscious ThingsWhen I was at school, Valentine’s Day was the thrill of finding out that someone fancied me, even if they were too embarrassed to admit it. It was easy back in those days – no pressure to perform and I was still pretty sure that by the time the school disco came around I would be dancing with Rachel Glover from 4B. The rules were basic yet mystifying. Not much has changed but for some men it attracts a lot of anxiety.

Now I’m not saying that getting a Valentine off your betrothed is bad – far from it. The act is still very satisfying, but for some it represents something quite cynical, exploitative, one-sided and expensive. Is it a shameless scam perpetrated by greeting card companies? Why should you pay the earth once a year for something cheesy just to prove you love someone when you’ve been haemorrhaging pure affection for them every day since you met them?

It really shouldn’t be that tough, but some men do feel that a lot of unreasonable things are expected of them come Valentine’s and I think it’s time we simply used the day to show yet again how much that person means to us, without feeling like we’re competing in some kind of romantic Battle Royale. Businessmen don’t have to be the winners here – a wanton act of affection or indulgence shows that you really dig that person. Don’t overthink it. Just remember what would truly mean something to that person and show it – they might not even like flowers or overblown gestures. They may even be completely opposed to Valentine’s. Just be yourself and if you want to make their day don’t resort to cliché, just have faith in what they mean to you and tell them anyway you please. And relax.

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