St Valentine's Day & The Singleton


Love Sucks, Hugh Laurie
I couldn't have said it better!
St Valentine’s Day is officially the most romantic day of the year but it can be the most daunting day of the year for singletons.

But whilst it can be annoying to see all those smug marrieds & googly eye couples in love try to stay positive & turn the day to your advantage....

Giggle at the woman at work who always has flowers delivered to work for St Valentine’s Day even when it falls on the weekend. So your man doesn’t know your home address? Please, who you kidding!!

Avoid your mother/aunt or Nan who all want to remind you that your sister/brother/cousin is happily married and isn’t it time that you stopped playing the field. They are not helping. They are haters in disguise.

Women in Bath, Pretty Luscious Things
Who needs a man with a bath this fabulous?!
Take advantage of all the great 1/2 price Champagne deals. Knock back some Taittinger in the bath as you pamper yourself & spend the other half of the money on a great new lipstick or aftershave.

Don’t dwell on being single – so you haven’t met Mr or Mrs Right yet, So what! Don’t worry about it. Think of all the great things you have done and achieved in your life. Do not let your relationship status define you.

Coming to America, Eddie Murphy & Arsenio Hall
Classic Eddie!
Invite your other single friends round – male or female. Grab a great old skool DVD box set like Die Hard or any early Eddie Murphy films like Coming to America or  Trading Places. Let the wine flow, kick back & have a laugh.

If you want to meet someone then tonight just might be the night? Girls, get the slap on, fellas, dig out your best shirt & go to that speed dating night. Or maybe browse, or  & see what’s out there. Yeah, you might not meet anyone but if you’re not in you can’t win!

 Finally... be your own St Valentine… After all your simply fabulous!!

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