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Mel B, Totally Fit DVDAfter the realisation that summer is now fast approaching I have begun my summer get fit routine. It took a while to determine which one of these lucky ladies was gonna get the benefit of my cursing as I worked out but eventually I decide that a menage a trois would be best... Me, Natalie Cassidy & Mel B.

Natalie Cassidy,  Then & Now DVD & Mel B, Totally Fit
Mel & Nat my new best friends!
I love exercise DVDs there's just something about working out in the comfort in your own home that I get on board with 100%. For those gym bunnies - go do your thing, I won't be there waiting for the treadmill. 30 mins at home working out with a ex soap star while my chicken breast marinates works perfectly for me.

So, why these two lucky ladies? Well Natalie Cassidy's Then & Now DVD was Britain's fastest selling DVD in 2007. The DVD allegedly earned her a cool £1m & Miss Mel B's Totally Fit DVD is interactive which means you can tailor the workout to your bodies needs. does Mel's abs need any explanation?!

Mel B, Celebrity Fit Bodies
Oooh Ms Mel B - look at that body!
As you know I'm no gym buddy - so the aim is to use the video's 3 times a week & tone up. Size zero is not the name of the game here... I need to keep a little junk in the trunk!

So who else is getting fit & what exercise are you planning to do?

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  1. OMG! Mel B's body is ripped. I never use exercise dvd's I normally go to the gym at the beginning of the year & then lose interest. Seeing this makes me think it might be time to go back again:(

  2. Mel does have a great body, she's a true inspiration! How she looks that great after having kids is a mystery. I can only hope that she has had surgery!


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