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So, I'm a man who enjoys a wash and brush up but I want to have grooming products that don't cost the earth. I'm fed up of waiting for the L'Oreal for Men range to go down in price at the local supermarket (Six quid for face wash? You are having a Turkish...) and was looking for a cheaper alternative.

On my weekly visit to the local Asda's (other supermarkets are available) I spied a range of products for a price I liked. The products are Asda's own brand called Groomed and offer the following in their range :

Big Head Shampoo, Wake Up Call Face Wash and Smooth Off Face Scrub, Moisture Zone Shaving Cream, Cool It! (yes, exclamation mark) Shave Balm, SPF 15 Moisturiser, Flexi Hold Matt Hair Putty, Natural Hold Defining Wax, Extreme Hold Styling Gel and Multi Task 2 in 1 Shower Gel and Shampoo (because yes, some of us still only want to take one bottle into the shower).

Groomed Products from Asda
Groomed Products
Hmm, you may say. Seems pretty standard stuff for a men's range of toiletries. You will be right too, but the clincher for this range is that one, it's good kit (more of that in a bit) and two, every item on the list is £2.50 or less. No lie. Sold to the metrosexual on a budget.

Now, for the princely sum of £9.00 I picked up the face wash, shaving cream, moisturiser and hair wax. I was still dubious as I went home thinking well, if they are pants I've only wasted nine quid. I was not disappointed. I don't know what you fellas want from a face wash in the am, but I need it to do what a good cup of espresso does. It needs to batter my sinuses into fully working order and say "Right sunshine, get yourself into gear. There are things to do and places to go". This does that, and smells good to boot. It's good prep for shaving as well and the shave cream is decent. It gives off a whiff of the barbers, but in a good way. Best used with a brush, the way your Grandad used to. Old school. Whip out your wet razor of choice and 5 minutes later, extremely touchable face, know what I mean? If you don't, my wife does. No complaints from her.

When you aren't shaving, after the face wash comes the moisturiser. This is a good one and doesn't feel like you have just slathered your face with factor 50. It gets in there and isn't "producty" at all. Lastly, I wear my hair short (mostly to reduce the grey) and the wax does the job. You only need a small amount and it defines well and styles very easily. Good kit.

Groomed Products from Asda, Pure Beauty Awards 2011
Pure Beauty Awards 2011 *
The names of each product make me smile a bit. Big Head, Extreme, Smooth Off and Cool It! feel a little forced, but this quality at these kind of prices, I'll curb the smirk. The range was highly commended in the Male Grooming section of the Pure Beauty Awards 2011. So a whole bunch of ladies thought the range was good too. They can't all be wrong. Capiche?

As well as hanging out here & in Asda - Wayne can be found on his site Catch him there for more man musings & all types of crazyness.

*Groomed image (c) of Asda

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