Summer Lovin'


I love the fact that the nights are lighter & the sun is trying to shine but there is one thing that makes me hate spring?

Summer will soon be here.

British Summer 

Summer Cocktails
Mine... all mine!!!
Now, you might think why do I hate summer? Well technically I don’t hate summer. Who could hate summer? Drinking copious amounts of cocktails outside bars or sitting in the garden topping up the tan with a glass or two of bubbly is fantastic. But I know the arrival of spring means only one thing for me…. goodbye winter body … hello summer body.

So despite the fact that the seasons happen the same time each year, somehow the arrival of summer always catches me off guard. All the hard work I did on my body last year has disappeared in the winter faster than a bottle of rose around my friend Sharon & once again I have to begin another diet & exercise regime to get bootilicious for the summer.

I guess I'm gonna need a plan.

Now some people are mad for the gym… rumour has it that some people even go every day!   But for me this is a non starter. It’s not that I’m lazy, I just don’t like the idea of sweating! Not only will it give me a rather unattractive glow but will I trip on a rogue clip-on hair extension whilst on the treadmill???!!!

This gym idea is neither pretty or luscious.

So off I trot to my trusty DVD cupboard to see which celebrity will inspire my summer look this year.

Celebrity Workout Video‘s
L:R Hannah Waterman, Urban Workout, Natalie Cassidy, Mel B,
Tracy Shaw & Pussycat Dolls workout DVDs
As you can see I have a few dvd’s but bear in mind that this does not include my trusted Cindy Crawford workout, Callanetics , Billy Blanks Tae Bo Video’s. Yes, my dears I am so old I still have exercise video’s around coz sometimes you have to go old skool.

Billy Blanks
Billy Blanks doing his thing!
Now the question is which video/DVD shall I use?

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