Urban Garden


With the summer fast approaching this weekend my mind like most Brits has turned towards showing the house some love & especially the garden.

Contemporary Modern Garden

For years I have longed to turn my drab outside space into the much coveted 'extra' room that we always hear garden designers talk about.  Unfortunately something always happens & I either lose interest & end up doing nothing or the weather is sooo bad that it seems pointless. But this year I feel different.

Urban Garden
Urban Garden
The upcoming jubilee weekend coupled with lies from the Met Office that we will have a scorchio summer has truly inspired me.

My tiny drab garden is going to have a do-over into something fabulous, exotic & utterly gorgeous.

So now I find myself trawling design websites & garden centres for inspiration. The only problem is .... I love everything! I would love to have a moroccanesque style garden with jewelled coloured walls, a fire pit, floor cushions & lots of wonderful plants but on the other hand I would love sleek plain white walls, galvanised planters & grass rushes.

Modern Bright Garden
Tequila anyone?!

White Modern Garden
Modern, white & gorgeous

Contemporary Pink Wall
 Beyond Fabulous!

I'm yet to decide what look to go for but any of these looks would be fabulous... Does anyone have  a blank cheque & that lovely Diarmuid Gavin's phone number?!

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