April Primark Haul


I love Primark. There I said it.


I love it for all the reasons some people hate it. I love quick, fast disposable fashion which has a eye on the latest trends & its fingers out of my wallet.

But this time this is not a post about clothes but a small post about some of the other finds in the store.

Recently I was in Ultralase waiting to go into my appointment when I got to chit chatting to one of the ladies who works there. We were talking about beauty buys & the lady said she often bought facial wipes from Primark which I've never tried. But of course in typical Primark fashion - once was in there I picked up a few other bits and pieces as well.

Oil Balancing, 4 in 1 Deep & Gentle Primark Facial Cleansing Wipes
Primark Facial Wipes
Before getting distracted by other things I immediately went to find the facial wipes but since I had just had surgery the day before my vision was not so good, so I ended up buying all 3 packs that I saw!

Luckily for me my vision was not that bad & there were 3 different types: deep cleansing wipes, gentle cleansing wipes & oil balancing cleansing wipes. Each pack has 25 wipes in but they are sold as double packs & they cost a inexpensive £1!

Unfortunately I can't wear make-up at the moment because of the laser eye surgery, so I was unable to try them out on my face but I tried them my hand & they are the bomb. They are incredibly moist without drenching your face & I love the fragrance on them especially the oil balancing wipes with tea tree. The wipes took all make-up of my hands with one easy wipe & I even tried the dreaded waterproof mascara on my hand - no muss - no fuss. A brilliant buy @ just £1.

Primark Crackle Glaze Kit
Primark Crackle Glaze Kit
One of the other things I couldn't resist was a little crackle glaze nail set. Now, I have quite a few nail polishes at home - mainly Nails Inc & Barry M so I'm not short on nail polishes but it was £3 & it was there. Lol, what can I say?! I'm a shopaholic.

The crackle glaze kit consists of the base, crackle & top.  I have never tried out crackle glazed nails - no reason, I even have sets at home. I just never got round to doing it.

Primark Crackle Glaze Kit
Primark Crackle Glaze!
The kit at £3 was definitely worth the money even though the base coat of gold was a little thin for me so I applied it twice to get a nice deep gold.  The polish stayed on all week & did not chip or flake off at all. Nail Inc does not have to worry about Primark stealing their customers but for a fun stocking filler for a niece, daughter or the baby sitter this will definitely do the trick. Overall I'm pleased with the results & it was a great buy, sometimes there's no need to spend £10 just to try something out.

Primark Jubilee Stick on Nails
Primark Jubilee Stick on Nails

One of the other things I bought was these funky stick on nails. Hey, its just for fun after all this year is Jubilee year in the UK!

Facial Wipes, Hair Accesories, Nail Crackle Set, Sunglasses from Primark
Hair Donuts, Hair Bands, Facial Wipes, Crackle Glaze,
Sunglasses & Jubilee Nails
Other cute finds include hair donuts, hair bands & some cheap sunglasses.

I love sunglasses from Primark.

They only cost a couple of bucks so their perfect for leaving in the drawer at work or the bottom of bag as a emergency as we all know that the British summer time can just leap out of you at anytime!

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