Madonna Truth or Dare


Madonna's 1st Perfume Truth or DareIt's strange that in a world where everyone seems to have a perfume range that the world's most iconic star - Madonna is only just launching her own perfume range - Truth or Dare.

What has taken the material girl so long & now its here was the wait worth it?

Today I received a bottle Truth or Dare, I was delighted as it has just been released this week - thanks Madge!

Truth or Dare is a heady mix of woods & vanilla & even though it should smell 'heavy' the fragrance smells amazingly light. This was a relief as I'm not a fan of darker, heavier perfumes. 

Truth or Dare was blended to create conflicting emotions & the dual notes definitely worked on me. Sometimes I smelt the perfume & it reminded of cupcakes & made me smile but other times it made me think of doing very bad things with nothing more than a smile!

Truth or dare indeed!!

Despite being a lighter fragrance a little went a long way & the scent lasted all day. This was great as sometimes with lighter fragrance's you have to reapply throughout the day.

Truth or Dare Perfume bottle by Madonna & Fabien Baron
Truth or Dare Range
Madonna has said that the perfume was inspired by her mother "My oldest memory of my mother is her perfume. She always smelled like Gardenias & Tuberose".  I honestly think Madonna has hit the nail on the head when she created this scent. I love perfumes that evoke memories & I can just see this perfume being a signature scent for me.

Madonna's Truth or Dare Perfume
Truth or Dare Sample
Overall I think this scent is amazing.

Madonna was right to wait until launching her perfume as Truth or Dare actually smells like a real perfume, not a just another celebrity endorsed scent.

Truth or Dare Eau de Parfum starts at just £25, so you don't need to be a material girl to be able to afford a bottle.

Any negatives? Nah!....I only wish that my sample arrived in the uber sexy bottle bottle designed by Fabien Baron!

But then again, when a fragrance smells this good who cares what it arrives in?!!

Madonna Truth or Dare is exclusively available at Selfridges 16 April - May 2012

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