Nip + Fab Pamper Kit


Nip + Fab Pamper Kit You would have to be living under a rock to have missed the buzz on the beauty street's regarding Nip + Fab. I cannot pick up a copy of Grazia, More! or Instyle Magazine without seeing a article about this wonder brand.

The Nip + Fab beauty range comes from the creative mind of Maria Hatzistefanis the woman beyond luxury brand Rodial. The concept behind her new range Nip + Fab was to create a inexpensive range of clinically tested beauty products for the entire body.

Nip + Fab Pamper Kit
Pamper Kit £29.95
I bought the Pamper Kit following a recommendation from one of my friends who bought Bust Fix which we did a review on. Now Pretty Luscious Things were supposed to do a follow up review on the Bust Fix but unfortunately the testers went off for a new career as Page 3 girls leaving us high & dry. This we apologise for but this set & review will hopefully make up for it!

Nip + Fab Bust Fix, Dry Leg Fix & Tummy Fix
Your new best friends
The Pamper Kit contains 3 of Nip + Fab's top selling products - Bust Fix, Dry Leg Fix & Tummy Fix each 100ml for a measly £29.95.  

This is great value as individually the prices range from £10.25- £19.25. I just love a luxury bargain!!
Nip + Fab Bust Fix
Bust Fix

Let's start with the Bust Fix ...This product literally sent women crazy last year as it flew off the shelves in record time after reports came out saying that your bust size  can improve up to 2 sizes. 

The Bust Fix is serum which you lightly apply to the bust area twice a day it contains Mangosteen & other fantastical ingredients that aim to smooth the appearance & tone of the cleavage. Bust Fix feels light but very luxurious & a little goes a long way & I'm working with a lot of bust! 

After a month of using this product my bust size thankfully had not gone up but the boys felt plumper & the skin definitely felt smoother.

Nip + Fab Tummy Fix
Tummy Fix
The Tummy Fix is a light serum which smells absolutely gorgeous it contains amarashape, bitter orange & lecithin which helps sculpt, smooth & hydrate the skin. I loved putting this product on the most -  I don't know if its the temperature of the product or my tummy but it always feels really 'cool' when it goes on.

I'm not certain if my belly got firmer because of the product or the motion of the daily massages but all I know is I am addicted to this product. I'll have abs of steel in no time.
Nip + Fab Dry Leg Fix
Dry Leg Fix
Last but not least is the Dry Leg Fix which helps to eliminate dry skin & makes them smoother. I ripped open the tube of this & slept cocooned in this stuff.

I don't know why but the moment I heard about this product I started imaging Kelly Rowland's leg's as mine. Oh gorgeous, silky, chocolate brown legs you will be mine!

Kelly Rowland's Legs
Ooh Ms Rowland!
The Dry Leg Fix felt lighter than regular leg cream & was quickly absorbed into every dry crevice on my legs. My legs instantly felt smoother & had a slight shimmery glow.

After a month of using the cream my legs felt amazing. OK, no-one is gonna confuse my legs with the delectable Ms Rowland but boy I'm on my way!

The Pamper Kit is amazing value & Ms Hatzistefanis has definitely produced a range of products that do exactly what they say on the tin. I, for one cannot wait to try everything that Nip + Fab produce.

Nip + Fab can be found at online, Boots, Target, Shoppers Drug Mart, Harvey Nichols & Sainsburys. If you head over to their website & sign up you can  10% of your first order!

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