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Ultralase LogoOn Friday after months of deliberation I had Laser Eye Surgery.

Now, everyone who knows me knows I am the queen of impulse buying & I can honestly say that choosing to get my eyes lasered was once again a impulse buy.

Ms PrettyLThings in 1995!
Me! In 1995 - Deidre eat yer heart out!
About 2 months ago I was pottering about when I saw a advert on TV for Laser Eye Surgery. Now of course I’ve seen these adverts before but for some reason that day it struck home…. ‘Yes! I want perfect vision!’.

This was a little bit weird. After all I have worn glasses for 30+ years & I’ve never ‘hated’ wearing glasses or contact lenses. So why on earth did I want to shell out a couple of grand for laser eye surgery?

But like most impulse buys once the idea went into my head – my mind was pretty much made up. I was gonna be 100% perfect!

I contacted Ultralase as a friend of mine – Dan, had his eyes done there a year ago. Dan was very pleased with the results & most importantly for me… Dan could still see!

I checked the forums & had appointments with a few other places but my mind was set on Ultralase as they really seemed to know what they were doing. Unfortunately, my diamante purse did not like the price as I needed to have Lasik Custom Wave Front (Ultra Plus) which is more expensive than the standard surgery. So I waited to see if either my Russian billionaire boyfriend would spring for the surgery (& exist in the real world) or if I could get a little more in the kitty.

Well nothing happened for a while & I nearly shelved the whole thing. But then one day Ultralase called with a special offer within my price range. So I went for it.

Come the day of the surgery I didn’t feel nervous. In fact I went to my day job as normal & then left a little early to make the appointment. When I arrived at Ultralase they were running a little behind ......but when your performing eye surgery, you take your time - I’m not complaining!

I met the surgeon Dr Ammar Almasri who was lovely. He re-confirmed my surgery type,  double checked my eyes & thoroughly explained what would happen during the procedure. 
Once I went into the surgery it was over in less than 20 minutes & when I sat up I could see immediately!! We went through the aftercare & I rested a while before seeing Dr Almasri before leaving.

My eyes felt great & I actually walked from the clinic to my friend’s car who was waiting for me, unaware that my surgery was complete. They advise you not to drive yourself home – which is cool as I can’t drive! But I honestly could have got the train home, I felt great. I never had any side effects on the day & I’m not even certain when the anaesthetic wore off as I had no pain whatsoever. As I was advised not to watch TV/text etc that evening I grabbed a bite to eat & then went to bed.

Ms PrettyLThings in contactsIn the morning I woke up early with near perfectish vision (it takes approximately 8 weeks to get it perfect). Fantastic!

Overall the experience was great. Not certain if this was combination of the surgeon & my fantastic peepers but I would recommend laser eye surgery to anyone who wants to be glasses or contact lenses free.

Having laser eye surgery is expensive but it’sworth it.

The worse thing about this treatment?

You can’t wear make-up for 2 weeks after…. Now this is sight I’d rather not see!

Image (c) of Ultralase

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  1. Glad you're doing so well post LASIK. Ultralase is a great company - I know a lot of people they have treated - so I'm not at all surprised at your results.
    Best of luck.

    Ike E.
    Madison Wisoconsin USA

  2. Thank You! Its just been two weeks now & I'm just getting used to it but my eyes are doing great!

    I definitely would recommend laser eye surgery to people!

  3. Thank you so much for this, I'm getting laser eye surgery tomorrow and this helped calm my nerves a little. I'm glad yours went well. Are you sure it didn't hurt at all? Did you have really poor eyesight before?

  4. Hi

    My eyesight was bad -6 in each eye. The surgery was very quick & did not hurt at all - I was so surprised. What's your prescription & where are you having the treatment done?

  5. Thanks for the great post - it's hard to find patient reviews of eye surgery that haven't been handpicked by the clinics. I'm having mine done on Friday and I'm less nervous after reading this! x

  6. Hi!!!

    You won't regret having it done. Its soooo worth the money & the freedom you have after is amazing. I love just getting up & putting my face on without having to faff about with contact lenses & being able to see properly whilst putting my make-up on!

    Good luck, let me know how you get on!!


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