Disgo 7000 Tablet Review


Disgo 7000 Tablet Review

I've never really been into technology as I don't have the time or the patience to work things out. I'm probably the only person in the world who prefers to call than text. But due to my recent eye surgery I was finding reading my messages on my phone a little tricky so I needed something a little bigger....Last week I ordered a Disgo 7000 tablet.

Now as you all know, I spent all my cash on laser eye surgery & cos I have 'new' eyes I needed new hair extensions, so my kitty is well & truly dry. Luckily for me I happened to stumble across the Disgo 7000 tablet on offer for a mere £49.99. Sold to the impulse buyer on the sofa!!

Ordering the tablet was easy & delivery was free but I opted for next day delivery for a extra £4.95. The tablet arrived the next day looking a little bit battered & bruised despite being 'new' so off it went back to Play for a replacement. Play sent a courier to pick up the 'spoiled' goods & another one was dispatched to me the next day.  Simple exchange. No muss-no fuss.  The second tablet arrived in perfect condition & its been hard to put it down ever since.

Disgo 7000 Tablet with Mofi Case
7" Disgo 7000 Tablet
The Disgo 7000 is a dainty little tablet - only 7" in size but definitely big enough to keep the hands busy. Setting up the tablet was easy peasy - so easy I didn't bother with the full manual which is available online. In the box was basic instructions, mains charger & a mini USB cable.

The tablet comes pre-loaded with some android apps like You Tube & Skyfire with much more available online from either Getjar or Google Play. I grabbed Twitter, Amazon Kindle reader, Skype & of course eBay. Now I had heard that the apps took long to download & were tricky to work out but I never had any trouble. I hit the download button & the apps were down in seconds.  

Instagram Logo
Can Instagram improve my pics?!
The next things I want to download is Instagram so it can improve my shonky picture taking & also some sort of word processing app as the Disgo 7000 does not come with one pre-loaded. There are plenty of free ones out there as well as premium ones, so I know I won't be stuck for choice. Other features of the tablet include a camera, video camera & email.

Disgo 7000 also comes with Wi-Fi installed but no 3G. This means that if you have internet at home/mates house/Starbucks you can connect onto the wireless internet. But if you want to access t'internet whilst you're out & about then you will need a 3G dongle compatible with android tablets. So far I have narrowed it down to either a Huawei E1750 or Huawei E220. I have not had a chance to fully investigate this yet but I will update when I find out which one it is for definite.

The tablet does have a resistive screen which has made some people go crazy as the screen is not as responsive as say a iPad. I bought a stylus to make it more responsive to my touch & that eliminated how resistive the screen was. But you cannot slide/zoom in & out on this tablet the way you can with some touchscreen phones/tablets. For those of you out there who love this type of feature the resistive screen may annoy you now matter how inexpensive the tablet is. I also bought a screen cover to protect the screen.

Mofi Luxury Tablet Case
Bedtime Now!
To go alongside my Disgo 7000 I bought this gorgeous little case for the tablet to 'sleep' in. Made by Mofi the No.1 brand in Japan for tablet covers. How cute is that?! The cover cost a inexpensive £9.95 from eBay & arrived in just 2 days. Fits like a glove. Perfect.

Overall I would say the Disgo 7000 is a great little buy, inexpensive, easy to use & easy on the eye.

But let me be clear about one thing.... If you want a iPad buy a iPad. Don't buy this tablet at £49.99 & expect it to do what a more expensive tablet can do.

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