Hi Guys

This is just a little short piece to let you know that you can also find Pretty Luscious Things on hellocotton.

hellocotton is a network site dedicated to the best of blogs by women. hellocotton has creamed the best fashion/beauty & lifestyle bloggers to keep you  up to date with what’s new & trending from ALL over the globe.

Pretty Luscious Things are excited & pleased to be part of this growing network.

We just can't wait to have lots of cottony fun!

Pretty Luscious Things have only recently joined hellocotton so show us some love by pressing the link to the left/above & subscribing to our page.

You can also keep up with what Pretty Luscious Things have liked on hellocotton by checking the Hellocotton box on this site. The box features articles we have liked or commented on & hopefully when you subscribe your gorgeous mug shot. Rrrr your a fox!

Hey! Whilst your on hellocotton don’t forget to check out some other blogs that you may not have heard of but don't forget to come back & see Pretty Luscious Things!


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