Pimm's O'clock


Pimm's & Lemonade

Summer has finally arrived & nothing says summer more than Pimm's o’clock.

What’s Pimm's o’clock I hear you say?

Why shame on you!

Pimm's o’clock is the perfect time of the day when only alcohol will do, but not ANY old alcohol it has to be Pimm's!

Not certain how to make it?
Here’s a quick recipe:

Pimm's & Lemonade
Pimm's o'clock!
50 ml Pimm's
Fresh Mint

Fill a tall glass with ice, line the glass with your fruit & 'smash' some mint to release the 'mintiness' before placing it in the glass. Pour the Pimm's over the ice, top with lemonade & place a sprig of mint at the top for decoration.

But if your lazy like me why not just buy a can or two of Pimm's from the supermarket?
Pimms No.1 in a Can
Pimm's in a can

One of these gorgeous cans has just the right mix of Pimm's & lemonade. Simply grab a tall glass add ice, cucumber, smashed mint, fruit & pour that golden brown loveliness over the top.

Now pop on your sunnies, sit back & let him take care of the BBQ… after all Vogue won’t read itself!

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  1. Looks delicious, to bad I'm in the US

  2. Hi grlyfce,

    Your never too far away for Pimm's o'clock!

    I can't believe they don't sell it in the states :(


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