Stylfile Collection Review


I love new products so when I heard that there was a new style nail file & buffer out I was amused to say the least.

After all how different can a nail file or buffer be?

Tom Pellereau & Sir Alan Sugar
But when I heard the inventor of the nail file was Tom Pellereau winner of The Apprentice 2011 & all round best buddy of Sir Alan Sugar I was no longer amused.

I was now desperate to get my hands on one.

The Stylfile Collection
The stylish Stylfile Collection

Luckily for me Tom must have smelt my desperation as hey presto, a set arrived on my doorstep & I must admit to being mighty impressed.

The range comes under the umbrella of the Stylfile Collection & currently features 3 products – S-file, S-buffer & a ‘Emergency’ mini S-file/S-buffer.

After a recent spate of gardening my nails are in a terrible state so this set is perfect for getting my nails gorgeous again.  All 3 products come with full instructions on the back which is great because not everyone knows how to file/buff their nails correctly.

All 3 products are designed in a ‘S’ shape which follows the curve of the nail which helps the person filing their nails to do both hands equally as well. So basically you don’t end up with one fab hand & one rubbish hand!

This is fantastic. The amount of times that I have had one good hand & one dodgy one after a home manicure is countless. This totally takes out that problem – for this alone it’s worth the money.

stylfile S-file
The only nail file you'll ever need

The S-file has the standard two sides – one more abrasive than the other but the difference with this file apart from the shape is that it’s supposed to last 12 months. Yep, 12 months – that is some hardy file! Can’t give you a update on that yet, but it definitely feels hardy enough to last a long time. The S-file was easy to use & in 15 minutes my wrecked nails were a distant memory.

stylfile s-buffer
Buffed up!
After filing my nails with the S-file I then moved onto the S-buffer to give my nails a nice salon chic gloss. The buffer was easy to use & my nails definitely looked shinier after I gave them a good buffing. I always prefer to buff my nails than wear nail polish – for me it just looks that much classier. I’m all about the buffing.

The last addition to the Stylfile Collection is the ‘Emergency File’ otherwise known as my favourite new thing!

Mini S-file & S-buffer
Just what my handbag's been missing!

This is amazing. 

It’s basically the nail file & buffer combined together in one handy file, but it has a snazzy protective spiral casing which stops it snagging my extra pair of tights that I always carry or I can attach it to my key ring if I was really clever! But I won't do this as knowing me I would lose my keys & my new favourite product. Not cool. This product is truly inventive & a life - sorry, nail saver!

The stylfile collection is fabulous. Tom has literally reinvented the nail file. When a man can reinvent something so ordinary that we take for granted its easy to see why Tom won The Apprentice.

The stylfile collection is available from Sally Beauty, Lloyds Pharmacy, Amazon, local pharmacies, Boots & online RRP £4.49-£4.99

Image of Tom Pellereau & Sir Alan Sugar (c) of Tom Pellereau

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