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I love hearing about new products so when I bumped into Alex Epstein (The Apprentice) at the iFabbo conference last month I couldn't believe what he was telling me...

He has created the first tailor made shampoo for hair called Concoction.

A custom tailor made shampoo for my own hair?

Alex?! What is this witchcraft?!

Lemon Verbena Concoction Hair Shampoo
I can't keep my hands off this stuff
Alex explained to me that Concoction is a luxury shampoo that contains no paraben preservative & no silicon that you create to your own spec by adding SuperSerums to the shampoo depending on your hair needs. 

A shampoo that is paraben & silicon free? This has definitely caught my attention. 

For those of you that don't know parabens & silicon are no good for your hair. Paraben is a nasty preservatives found in shampoo's & make-up which is increases the life of the product but is rumoured to have health risks.

As for silicon... Ever wondered why your hair looks fantastic when its first dyed but over weeks ends up looking faded even though your shampoo has colour protection?  Shampoo's containing silicon makes your hair look fantastic but is not water soluble so continuous use of silicon based products coat the hair shaft preventing hair dyes & conditioners from really penetrating the hair shaft. Therefore your dye never really 'takes' & that's why it fades. The key to buying a shampoo is to find one without silicon so the fact that Concoction contains no silicon or paraben is fantastic! 

Lemon Verbena Concoction Hair Shampoo
My very own Concoction
In the Concoction range there are 4 different shampoo bases to choose from; Lemon Verbena, Bakhour, Rosemary Mint & Black Pepper Citrus. To amp your base up there are 8 fab SuperSerums; Beautiful Brunette, High Definition Blonde, Curl Me Up, Ravishing Red, Back To Your Roots, Gimme More Moisture, Thermo Straight & Turn up The Volume. You can then either choose 2 different shots (35ml each) or 1 huge SuperSerum shot (70ml). The SuperSerum is then added to the Concoction shampoo therefore making your own Concoction shampoo. Ta da! 

Witchcraft indeed!

I was keen to try the shampoo out & choose Lemon Verbena with Gimme Moisture & Thermo Straight. In 2-3 days it arrived & I got to work on my luscious locks. My hair is very very long (lower back) so I used 1 really good squirt to make sure I could get a really good lather going.  The shampoo felt & acted like a luxury shampoo & it took no time at all to lather up or wash out & my hair smelt divine. I always wash my hair twice & when I finished  I had a peek in the bottle & only a small fraction of the shampoo had been used. That's the great thing I have found with using luxury products - a little goes a long way.

Wet Kinky Straight Hair Extensions
Oooh Kinky!
After conditioning my hair it felt great & the smell from the shampoo still lingered for a few days after. I'm not certain if my hair felt more moisturised as I'm wearing kinky straight hair extensions which has a quite coarse texture but drying my hair was definitely easier than normal.

Man, I love me some kinky straight hair but it is a nightmare to deal with after washing. This shampoo was a god send.

Alex kindly sent me a bottle of the shampoo to review but I would gladly spend £12.50 for a bottle of Concoctions.  This is not a product for those people that want to grab a £2 bottle of shampoo of the shelf & don't know or care what the product is or what it's doing to their hair. 

This is a shampoo for those of us who really believe that our hair is our crowning glory & it deserves the best products that we can find.

Alex may not have won The Apprentice but he sure knows how to make a great shampoo!

Concoction Image (c) Concoction

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