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Nina Detox Sample Pack

As you guys know love a good diet & I am always on the look out for a quick fix.

Yes, I know you have to work out but I do like a helping hand.

For about a year I have been seeing the name Nina Detox all over the web when it comes to weight loss. Apparently she lost 45lbs in 10 weeks.

Okay, I'm gonna need to order right now.

Nina Detox's site offers many different types of pills designed to help you lose weight. Now we all know the dangers of using diet pills & users are strongly advised that the pills are not suitable for certain people, seek medical advice before ordering & to order at your own risk etc etc & I'm gonna give the same disclaimer here.

I decided to order the sample pack which contains samples of all the products & is recommend for all first time buyers. After ordering & using the sample pack you should know which tablets work for you so you can then order the full sized products. But if you know which tablets you want you can also do that.  The sample pack was reasonably priced at $40 but because I'm in the UK the $25 postage makes the pills more expensive but the pills came in just 5 working days.

Now being the girl who not only loves a good fad diet but has little to no patience I couldn't wait to get them down my neck & I have been taking them for just under 2 weeks now. I have had no side effects.

A typical week's shopping in the PLT house
A week's food in the PLT house
So far I have lost about 5 lbs which is a little slower than most people but Nina does have a private forum for buyers of her products to share tips & advice. I already eat reasonably healthy - don't eat fast food, no fizzy drinks etc & that's why I think I'm not having massive results like some people. I am heading over to the forum today to get some advice on how to boost my weight loss.

Minute Steak with Salad
Steak with Salad - no potatoes & no heavy dressing!
Nina suggests 'eating clean' no processed food, carbonated drinks & plenty of veggies but there is no 'diet' plan. This is something I can totally get on board with.

The sample pack last's 27 days & I'm hoping to have lost a stone.

See ya back here in about 15 days!

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