Pretty Luscious Things are always on the look out for new shopping sites so when we came across TStylesU a comparison site for fashionista's we just had to take a look.

TStylesU features a mix of high street finds from brands such as Top Shop, Boo Hoo & mixes them up alongside Bond Street favourites like Alexander McQueen & Roland Mouret.

High Street alongside Bond Street? This sounds like my kind of site ... time to interview the genius behind the brand Tolu Akinsete.

Thanks for letting Pretty Luscious Things into the mind behind TStylesU. Tolu, the site looks fantastic, can you tell us more about TStylesU?

Thank you. TStylesU was setup to show girls and women that they could look good no matter what their budget or body shape. We aim to tailor trends and outfits to a women’s body shape and budget each week. We want to build women’s confidence and show them that it is possible to bring looks from the runways straight to your everyday woman.

You must have a talented team working with you, how did the uber team come about?

It’s crazy! I posted various positions on various fashion website and LCF, and had hundreds of applications. I was absolutely overwhelmed and felt honoured. When you’re seeing name such as Vogue, TANK, Girls Aloud on CV’s you truly do take a step back and feel like “wow, I am truly blessed for my team!”. I LOVE my team!

Backless Top, TStylesU
Stunning Backless Top TStylesU
Why did you decide to make TStylesU?

There’s a few reasons really. For myself personally, I was fed up of seeing looks that I would love to wear and simply couldn’t afford. Plus hearing girls complain that they couldn’t wear certain things or disliking their body shapes really made me think “Women shouldn’t hate their body shapes, they should use their best assets to their advantage”.

Being a women, you have the right to look good on a day-to-day basis whether you have £50 or £5000, no matter your frame and I’m hoping that with TStylesU women can relate from at least one of those angles.

Who is the site is aimed at?

We aim to please everyone! Every girl or women has their own needs whether it’s looking for a product that suits their budget, figuring out their body shape, working out what to wear to compliment their shape or picking up the latest designer collection at a price that’s right for them. We’re hoping that no matter the age, they feel at ease browsing through the site and can relate to some if not all aspects of the site.

Will you be featuring brands/designers that are hard to find?

Yes, absolutely! One of our key drivers is to provide a platform for up and coming designers. We love thinking beyond the high-street here and have already come across some great designers. My favourite to date being Kandee Shoes.

What is your favourite current trend?

To date it has got to be Cozy Knits. I’ve learnt from my own team that you can actually wear knit clothing no matter the weather. It doesn’t actually have to be a wooly jumper, but something chic and sexy too.

Tolu, who are your style icons or who do you think has great natural style?

I absolutely love Kim Kardashian’s style simply because she is so casually sexy with the way she dresses and it comes naturally but if I had to pick one style icon, I think it would have to be Jennifer Lawrence at the minute. She is always looking hot!

What special offers or deals can we look forward to in the next coming months?

Mischa Barton Doctors Bag at TStylesU
Mischa Bartons Doctor Bag
We work directly with a lot of brands to bring our customers the best deals and all from the current season collections. We’re partnering with Maggie + Me, Mischa Barton Handbags, Renee London, House of Harlow and Chinese Laundry to name a few.
We’re able to provide products at almost half the price and hope there’s something to suit everyone’s budget.

If money was no object what's the one item that you would own?

I would love to own a blue Hermes Bag! One day...fingers crossed

Tolu, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today over at Pretty Luscious Things we look forward to hearing more from TStylesU.

Thank you very much, we look forward to seeing you & your readers over at TStylesU.

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