As A Matter of Fat by Steve Gray


Where are you on the Global Fat Scale?

World with tape measure

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I could measure myself against the rest of the world?

The BBC has a simple form to fill in, (Age, Gender, height, country of origin and weight), and after a bit of number crunching you will be presented not only with your BMI but where you appear in a list of other countries around the world. 

Lady measuring waist
What's your BMI?
It’s always pleasing to see that you are batting a good score for your own country and helping to preserve the wealth of the NHS rather than extricating cash for gastric bands and stomach staples. It’s also fun to laugh at the really fat countries. Who would have thought that there are countries out there with fat averages higher than the US?

Having said that, this little gimmick also provides you with information about which country your BMI is closest to and that’s when it doesn’t seem so clever.

‘You are most like someone from Mali’, it told me. When you see that Mali is only a few steps up from Ethiopia it almost makes you wish you were obese. And then it quantifies it further: ‘You are slimmer than 92% of men in your age range in your country’. Alright, alright I get the message!

‘If everyone was like you the planet would be 19 billion tonnes lighter’.

Man eating Big Burger
 I hope that burgers cooked in the middle!

Okay, okay, burgers on the way! Jesus!

Steve Gray
All about Steve.....

Steve Gray trained as a journalist, working for several years in local newspapers before realising that if he was going to be badly paid he may as well go freelance. He is also a keen photographer, competitive fencer and closet DIY enthusiast

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