French Connection Ribbon Bandage Dresses


French Connection off the shoulder Ribbon Knit Dress

I was recently in town when I happened to be moseying in the House of Fraser.

I wandered into the French Connection department to see if I could catch a bargain or two as the sale was on & lo & behold what do I see?

A French Connection Ribbon Dress from £115 down to £27.50.

£115 to £27.50??!! Ooh la la la!

So those of you that have been living under a rock may not know that a ribbon dress is basically another version of a Herve Leger Bandage dress.

Herve Leger bandage dresses are still very very popular due to every celeb from Jennifer Lopez to Kim Kardashian wearing one & not forgetting the uber tight material that pushes everything in the right direction.

But with prices starting at over £800 for an authentic Herve Leger dress a lot of women without their very own Kanye West just can't afford one.

Luckily for us the high street never let's us non celebs down are there are a few places you can find inexpensive bandage dresses that look just as great as Herve Leger's & French Connection is just one of them.

The dress I bought was a classic ribbon dress & the bandage material was tiiiiiiiiiiiight! I even had to go up a size just to make sure I could get the dress on with ease. After all, getting into a tight dress is easy when your sober but not so easy taking it off when you've had a glass okay a bottle or two of wine! 

I was talking to the sales assistant who told me that quite a few women had problems getting the dresses on & off but should find it easier as the new season ribbon dresses all come with zips. The quality of the dress was very good & I know that if it wasn't in the sale I would of bought it anyway but somehow the price of £27.50 just made it sweeter.

Pleased with my bargain, I headed home to see what else I could find online. Due to the great prices that these dresses were now reduced to I had to try all the retailers who stock French Connection as most retailers were out of either stock or had limited sizes.

Luck struck as I found two more French Connection ribbon dresses on John Lewis's website with no need to pay for delivery charge as they could deliver them direct to store the next day for free!


Here are the other dresses I got from French Connection.

French Connection Dusky Pink Ribbon Knit Dress
French Connection
Dusky Pink Ribbon Knit Dress £46 was £115 

French Connection Spotlight Dress
French Connection Spotlight Dress
I bought the yellow version £39 was £125
What do you think?

Pictures (c) French Connection

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  1. These French Connection dresses are good value but I never seem to have any luck when I go shopping.

    Nice bargain.

  2. Sale shopping always seems like pot luck to me, best thing is to keep a list of things you want before the sale starts... save a little money and then bam when the sale starts swoop in :)


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