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If you’re not busy cursing the sky for its lack of sunshine, or you don’t know what to do with yourself while you wait for the London 2012 Olympic Opening ceremony, (you know, the one where they’ve recreated the Tellytubbies set), then you’ll be pleased to know that there is plenty of stuff out there to watch on the telly.

Here is a summary of what has come out or is coming out. Watch this space also news and reviews of cinema, DVD and games.

The Woman In Black

Daniel Radcliffe, Woman In Black
The Women in Black
Directed by James Watkins, (The Descent: Part 2; My Little Eye), The Woman in Black comes with an impressive writing pedigree. Based on the novel of the same name by Susan Hill, (now a CBE and author of the Simon Serrailler crime novels), she is also joined by fellow scribe Jane Goldman, (XMen: First Class, Kick Ass, Stardust), who penned the screenplay.

Woman In Black Film
Maybe the Woman in Black?!
Daniel Radcliffe, Woman In Black
Should of bought a  new build! 

Whilst the film has its fair share of creepy moments you can’t help feeling that it has been a little miscast. Maybe it’s because Radcliffe still has that Potteresque whiff about him, or maybe it’s because he’s too fresh faced generally – either way, learning that he is supposed to be an Edwardian Dad does stretch credibility a tad. That aside the film still manages to deliver chills and Radcliffe puts in a decent, expressive performances.

Daniel Radcliffe, Woman In Black
Ooh looking a little menacing, Dan
The Woman In Black is out now on DVD and Blu Ray

Dexter Season 6

Dexter Season 6
Dexter Season Six
Say what you want about this TV series, (‘Oh, it got naff after series 3’,), or the actor, (‘wasn't he that gay funeral director in Six Feet Under?’), Michael C Hall has done a consistent job with a character on a show which, lets face it, doesn’t work on paper but has managed to enthral and repulse for much longer than the average crime drama. 

Dexter Season 6
Michael C Hall - Dexter Season 6
Dexter has evolved and devolved in equal measure over the seasons but the Sixth, with its talk of Book of Revelations killings and the Doomsday killer puts Dexter on a collision course with someone even nastier than him. Nice. 

Dexter Season 6 is out now on DVD and Blu Ray

Episodes Series Two

Episodes Series 2
Episodes Series 2
Episodes is one of those British success stories which you never see coming, like The Office and Extras. We see shows like these as so resolutely British that we can’t imagine them working but they have.

Episodes Series 2, Matt LeBlanc
Matt LeBlanc still friendly
Episodes Series 2, Tamsin Greig & Stephen Mangan
My show was cancelled??!

Episodes has worked primarily because Matt LeBlanc will now work for food, but he has shown that post-Joey, (the Friends spin-off which could have sunk his career), LeBlanc is a talented actor and has more acting faces than Harrison Ford. Stephen Mangan is, as ever, an actor who does quintessentially British underdogs really well and has the dry wit and reserve to match. Tamsin Greig plays lovable and kooky very well and doesn’t disappoint here either. After the flop that was the BBC’s Dirk Gently, Mangan is probably very happy that his work is in more capable hands across the atlantic.

Episodes Series 2 is available on DVD and Blu Ray from 9th July 2012.

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