Online Dating


This week we turn our attention to online dating.

Is it full of serial killers, married guys & that weird guy from accounts?

Years go online dating had a terrible reputation. I’m not certain if it was because it was full of serial killers, married guys & that weird guy from accounts! But over the years online dating has gotten more acceptable as people wised up to the fact that dating online is nothing to be ashamed of. Going online means your clever enough to seek out what you want, Pinot Grigio in hand & Eastenders on in the background.

So the question is … how do you do it?

Online Dating
Love at your own fingertips
First of all choose a site. There are tons of them out there but I think that paid dating sites like Match,  Dating Direct, Guardian Soulmates etc are better than a free site like POF.  A lot of people like free sites because they're well... free! But in my opinion free sites will always attract people who are not serious about dating as they have not invested money into the process.

Chosen your site? Let the selection process begin. 

Is it wrong that you only want to date a slim, 5ft 10” blonde who likes anchovies?! No, of course not. You're trying to chose someone that you want to date. If you don’t want to date someone of a certain height, job, ethnicity or someone with children then make sure you select the box that says ‘no’. Yes, you will be restricting yourself to the amount of people you could meet but what’s the point in letting guys/girls who are not your type into your online dating world? 

Finally you’ve gotten through the maze of the application now the question is what do you write in your profile? My tips for your profile is be friendly & honest about yourself & who you want to date, be yourself but keep it ‘lite’. So, your ex left you for your dad or is on the FBI Most Wanted list.... save it for the 4th date.

As for pictures, no need for Vaseline smeared professional shots – simple snapshots should be enough. At least 1 portrait & 1 full length in the last 18 months. 

Strippers night out
Asking to meet low rent men
No pictures with you & the girls/the lads/children, shirt off/low cut tops or your foo out. No-one wants to see this.

Have you got mail?

Finally, wink, send some emails, exchange numbers &  then finally arrange a date!!! 

Date Night
The big date!

Remember the date should be in a central location, tell your friends where you are & always check back in with your friend during & after the date. 

Why? So she knows that weird guy from accounts hasn't murdered you!

Happy dating!!

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  1. lol i love it, your sense of humor cracks me up. let me tell ya i have done my fair share of online dating and met the serial killers, married men and the weird guy from accounts lol, i have done a few blogs on some of the men & my dating experiences and there are lots more to come lol

  2. Missy,

    I'm coming over to read your blog! I was over there yesterday & I saw some dating posts, so I know I'm gonna love them. Online dating is indeed for the strong minded but its also a lot of fun... heck if we're lucky we might even find a keeper!



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