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Cana Royale, Las Iguana's

Wanna know what else I get up to when I'm not blogging?

Here it goes....

When I was in London for the iFabbo conference I decided to take in a couple of sites before heading back to the old country.

Chinatown, London
Chinatown, London
Chicago, Garrick Theatre London
Chicago, Garrick Theatre London
Chicago is due to hit Cardiff this summer but the casting is not for me. I will wait till there's someone really great in the show or maybe see it in London.

Cardiff Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff
Cardiff Millennium Centre
I do love the theatre & just last week I saw Gershwins' Porgy & Bess featuring the Cape Town Opera cast.

The opera ran for 3 hrs which was a little heavy on the tuccus but the story & singing was great. The show was at Cardiff Millennium Centre which is just epic. I would strongly recommend anyone coming to Cardiff to see a show there.

It was my two of my friends Nicki & Dan's birthday this month so they had a co-birthday mash-up – Cocktails at Las Iguana’s & Nando’s. It was a fab night with plenty of chicken & just one or two cocktails for me. Hic.

Las Iguana's
Where's my drink?!
Cocktails at Las Iguana's
Cana Royale Cocktail at Las Iguana's

As you all know the life of a blogger is pretty much the same as yours & chores still need to be done. Last month I set myself the task of completing my garden make-over. Alas it was a epic fail, I just did not give myself enough time to get everything done but I hope one day to have a gorgeous garden.  One thing I managed to do was I re-stain the deck.  Don't believe me?! Evidence below!

Garden Deck Stained
Deck Stained!
Garden deck unstained
Deck staining a work in progress

Union Jack Handbag
I have had a self-imposed beauty/make-up/clothes embargo on recently as I have spent way too much on products. I'm pleased to say that this month I only bought Mac Matchmaster Foundation, MAC Primer, 4 MUA palettes, 3 MUA Mascara’s, 2 MUA Eyebrow pencils, Chi Silk Infusions & a Union Jack Handbag. Overall I think I did quite well :(

Last week my first guest post for Beauty School directory went out "5 Questions About Black Hair that White Girls are Afraid to Ask" please pop over, have a read & leave a comment. It was a great fun piece to write which I hope dispelled some myths in a cute way.

These are some of the things I got up to that in May/June but rest assured there was plenty more things that will be covered by individual blog posts.

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