Philips Hair Straighteners Review


Philips HP8333 Ionic Straighteners

Last week I was straightening my hair rather successfully until they blew up.

Now being a savvy girl I immediately thought that maybe the fuse had blown so I replaced it.

All was well in the world for a week until they blew up again.

It was time to admit that the straighteners I commandeered from my ex boyfriends daughter was like our relationship.....dead.

For a week I managed to live without straighteners. After all surely wearing kinky straight extensions means you don't want your hair to be 100% straight right? 

But after getting wet after walking home from the train station I ended up looking like this:

Whoopi Goldberg, Sister Act The Musical
Must carry umbrella next time!
It was time to buy some straighteners.

On Saturday I popped into Argos mainly because it was the first shop I got to & picked up the Philips HP8333 Ionic Straighteners, ceramic plates, 60 sec heat up - 220 degrees on offer for £12.49 normally £30.


Getting home as quickly as the train could get me here I couldn't wait to straighten my hair. Out of the box the straighteners were smaller than I first expected as my last hair straighteners  had a very long handle. Getting used to the them was a little tricky but in no time at all I got used to the shorter handle.

Philips HP8333 Ionic Straighteners

The straighteners heated up quickly & glided through my hair in no time. My hair went bone straight on 220 degrees & there was no reversion.  But the next time I use them I'll use one of the lower settings as I like to leave a little bit of 'bite' in my hair or it just gets too flyaway in the wind.

The Philips HP8333 is excellent value at £12.49, so if your straighteners have recently blown up then head over to Argos for the bargain of the month.

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  1. I got my flat iron from and i love it! it cut down the amount of time it takes to straighten my hair dramatically!


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